Supernatural Season Nine Premieres in October

Supernatural Season 8 Title Banner

Dean, Sam, and Cas watching filmstrip in Men of Letters bunkerMetatron must be in charge of scheduling at the CW these days, because Supernatural is not due to premiere its ninth season until October. October 15th, to be exact. That means we have another three and a half months to wait until we find out what happens to all our favorite characters, whether or not people are going to think it’s a bit odd that a bunch of angels fell from the sky in fireballs, or if the entire world just considers that business as usual at this point.

Something else to note – the show is moving to Tuesdays but they’re keeping the 9 pm EST time slot. At least that means it won’t have to compete with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Also, every tumblr user who reblogs the “It’s Tuesday” posts in honor of the episode “Mystery Spot” can celebrate each new episode by being reminded of Dean repeatedly dying. So hang in there SPN Family, and carry on my wayward son!

Do you like that Supernatural is moving to Tuesdays or did you prefer the old time slot? And just how many times will you rewatch the previous seasons until October 15th? Let us know in the comments below!