Season 2 of The Newsroom Is Down to Nine Episodes

According to Mr. Sorkin himself, the second season of his HBO drama The Newsroom will have only nine episodes (instead of the intended ten) after he got off to a “false start” with the writing.

Sorkin told The Hollywood Reporter that a problem that would have disrupted the story structure of the entire season developed while he was writing – and shooting! – the first three eps. This drove him to ask HBO if it would be possible for him to start over. He credits HBO with the patience and understanding to agree to his request, when “Other networks would have said no.”

Sorkin promises that season 2 will cover such topics as the 2012 election, Occupy Wall Street, and many others.

Are you excited for season 2? Worried that this rewriting points to trouble ahead? Let us know in the comments below.

The Newsroom returns to HBO July 14 at 10PM.

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