New Charlene Kaye video for ‘Animal Love II’

Charlene Kaye is another of our favorite rising stars. She’s got an infectious energy that’ll have you jumping around with the crowd at her shows to tracks like “Animal Love I” and “Woman Up,” off her latest album, Animal Love.

She slows things down with the new video for the final track on her latest album, “Animal Love II,” which premiered on CBS News yesterday. Kaye said of the song and it’s sister, “Animal Love I”:

There’s two songs that bookend the album – the first song is ‘Animal Love I’ and then ‘Animal Love II,’ which is the last track,” Kaye said. “The first part of that two-sister song series is very much a dance song about the excitement and the adventures that come with meeting somebody new and the feeling in your bones that this could be something larger than life. And ‘Animal Love II’ is more about new beginnings and trying to deal with what you have in front of you in order to rise from the ashes and start anew. With this song, I was thinking about how the body reacts to heartbreak and how challenging the human process can be when you’re dealing with something so intangible.

The video is haunting, and a suitable fit for the forlorn track. Directed by Liann Kaye (who previously directed several of Kaye’s videos, including “Animal Love I” and “Dress & Tie” featuring Kaye’s longtime friend, Darren Criss), it tells a story of love and loss. You can check it out below, and be sure to check out Kaye’s website for more tracks.