Deputy Leo Back For The Veronica Mars Movie

With production for the movie already started and lots of big names slated to return to Neptune, another fan favorite has been confirmed: Max Greenfield returns as Deputy Leo D’Amato!

deputyleoVeronica Mars  creator, Rob Thomas, had previously mentioned to E!Online last March that Leo would be returning as “the Leo we’ve known and loved. We’ll find him working as a detective for the San Diego Police Department.”

Yesterday, during an interview with Gold Derby’s editor Daniel Montgomery about season two of FOX’s New Girl, Greenfield confirmed that he will be reprising his role as Deputy Leo. The downside? Greenfield mentions that he will be going in to film for one day, possibly in June.  A little Leo is better than no Leo at all. Plus, his smile alone probably makes up for it.

Either way, Greenfield is going into the project with the same kind of mindset as the rest of the cast and crew: “You really wanna go in there and do some solid work because, you know, obviously, people put up their own money to see this.”

Also, during filming on Monday, the movie’s official Instagram released a photo of one of the new buildings in Neptune: The 09er nightclub. Now which 09er decided to open that?  With that, there’s no going back now: the Veronica Mars movie is really happening!

Watch Max Greenfield’s Gold Derby Interview