Neil Gaiman News: New Radio Program and Now He’s Trying Acting

Ocean at the End of the Lane book coverNeil Gaiman does not sleep. This is my current working theory, because I can’t find any other explanation for how he can do so many different things all at once. His new novel, The Ocean at the End of the Lane, is due out Jun 18 and it is going to be made into a Radio 4 Book at Bedtime. The book will be read in 15 minute installments spread out Monday through Friday all of next month, due to air at 10:45 pm. An actor that Gaiman has described as “a fantastic, wonderful, award-winning, perfect, top-of-the-line actor” will narrate, but that actor’s name has yet to be revealed.

In other Gaiman news, in addition to writing for so many different mediums–books, comics, radio, TV, movies–now he’s giving acting a try. A new Kickstarter project has just ended, and gained enough funding, for a film called Blood Kiss, a film noir about a 1940s director who only shoots his movies at night. He may or may not be a vampire. Neil Gaiman will be tackling the lead role, with Amber Benson of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame as his co-star. Gaiman hasn’t had a full-length film role before, though he did guest star as himself in an episode of the web series The Guild, and he’s done some voice work on shows like The Simpsons. Blood Kiss reached its funding goal of $50,000 and ultimately reached $88,321. I wish them all luck with that project!

What do you think about all this news? Excited? Curious about that new movie? Let us know in the comments below!

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