Dick, Gia, and Three Others Confirmed For The Veronica Mars Film

In the last two days, a slew of confirmed cast members have been added to the fray. In messages sent to backers of the Veronica Mars Kickstarter Campaign, writer/director Rob Thomas has announced that Brandon Hillock, Kevin Sheridan, Jonathan Chesner, Krysten Ritter, and Ryan Hansen will be returning.

Brandon Hillock reprises his role as Neptune’s Deputy Sacks. The majority of the television series, Sacks was seen as Sherriff Lamb’s right hand man. Always around, the last time we saw Sacks he had just killed a man trying to save Lamb. Hillock questions the effects of this for his character: “Will we see a different Sacks in the film? I can’t tell you that. But I can tell you one thing that won’t be different is the ‘stache. Sacks rocked a mustache before it was cool, and he sure as hell ain’t about to give it up now.” Indeed, he did rock that ‘stache well.  If anything, we can look forward to that.

Kevin Sheridan and Jonathan Chesner return to Neptune as “chronic ne’er-do-well” Sean Friedrich and “aspiring horticulturist Corny,” respectively. Though their characters were seen in less than a handful of episodes, it doesn’t mean that that they’re any less excited to come back and take part in the film.

The surprise reveal is the return of Krysten Ritter as Gia Goodman. During her short time in Neptune, she almost died in a bus crash, her father gets blown up in a plane explosion, and she had a stalker via the school janitor. Ritter stated that the show will always have a “special place in [her] heart because it was [her] first big acting job.”  She also goes overboard on the punctuation front while thanking fans, cast, and crew alike for allowing her to take part in the project. It turns out that Ritter’s over bubbly personality does spill over into her character. Amazing!

Finally, the not-so-surprise reveal is the return of Ryan Hansen as Dick Casablancas. From the get go, Hansen was seen as part of the Kickstarter Campaign to get the Veronica Mars movie going. Back in March, when the first video was released about the project, the first person to be seen on screen was Hansen laughing on the couch and eating cereal while wearing a bathrobe. The embodiment of Dick himself.  Hopefully, after all the tragedy Dick’s seen, he’ll have matured a bit by the time we meet up with him again.  Also, since Gia is also making a comeback, maybe there’s hope for some more Gia and Dick action! Who knows? Anything can happen!

At this point in time, Thomas has explained that pre-production has ended and that over the last few days, the cast has been meeting with costume designers.  Recently, Percy Daggs III tweeted: “I got fitted for Wallace’s wardrobe the other day…Wallace is all grown up & sexy out here! Lol Having fun already… #VeronicaMarsMovie.” I’m pretty sure Wallace was always sexy, but that goes to show how committed the wardrobe department is going to be.

The confirmation count is up to sixteen: Veronica Mars, Keith Mars, Logan Echolls, Wallace Fennel, Piz Piznarski, Weevil Navarro, Cliff McCormack, Madison Sinclair, Luke Haldeman, Mac Mackenzie, Deputy Sacks, Sean Friedrich, Corny, Gia Goodman, Dick Casablancas, and the waiter.

Friday afternoon was spent finalizing stunts for an important scene that Thomas would not reveal any spoilers about. He also disclosed that the current production team is at 85 people and will grow in numbers come next week.

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