BBC America and BBC Two to Co-Produce 4 Part Docu-Series on Science Fiction

Yesterday BBC America and BBC Two announced a new co-production series on the history of science fiction, with a working title, My God, It’s Full of Stars: A Journey to the Edge of Science Fiction. The four part docu-series will head to “the very frontiers of space and science to produce the definitive television history of science fiction. The story of one of the liveliest and most stimulating genres in popular culture will be told through its impact on cinema, television and literature.”

Star Wars: A New HopeThe series will explore four forms of science fiction: time travel, the exploration of space, robots and AI, and aliens using interviews with some whose impact has been so enduring: the filmmakers, writers, actors, and graphic artists who have brought us some of the most captivating stories of our generation.

This is the story of science fiction told by the men and women who fell to earth… From HG Wells’s War Of The Worlds to The Terminator, from Doctor Who to Star Wars this series will guide viewers through a rich, thought-provoking and endlessly exciting genre.

A date for the series has yet to be announced, but I’d hazard a guess that it’ll end up being a part of BBC America’s highly popular Supernatural Saturday sometime in our future.