The Lawyer, The Bitch, and The Surprise: Three More Cast Members Added to the Veronica Mars Film

Yesterday, three more cast members were confirmed in messages to backers of the Veronica Mars film’s Kickstarter Campaign. Writer/director Rob Thomas has officially announced that Daran Norris will be reprising his role as questionable attorney Cliff McCormack.   Norris expressed his gratitude to fans: “you broke Kickstarter records to make this possible, and now we’re all ready to break our backs to make sure the film is top-notch in every way.” By the look of things, he’s not kidding.

madison_sinclairAmanda Noret returns to reprise her role as pretty, preppy, yet all around nasty person, Madison Sinclair. Noret’s update on her life post-Veronica Mars includes her experience as a stay-at-home mom for the last four years.  Noret also stated how wonderful the film is because “this isn’t just a movie reunion, but a REAL reunion with so many people I love and admire.”

Sam Huntington also joins the cast as Luke Haldeman.  Huntington’s role is a surprise since Haldeman only appears in two episodes of the series and even then as a secondary — though vital — character.  In a message from Huntington, he believes that on top of reconnecting with old friends, “it’s beyond exciting to be a part of such a revolutionary filmmaking experience.”

If the cast’s excitement to be able to take part in the film shows through even by half, there’s nothing stopping them from recapturing the magic of what made Veronica Mars the show it was. I also wonder if Madison found that can of tuna.

With this addition, the confirmation count is up to ten: Veronica Mars, Keith Mars, Logan Echolls, Wallace Fennel, Piz Piznarski, Weevil Navarro, Cliff McCormack, Madison Sinclair, Luke Haldeman, and the waiter.

Thomas closed the message with the reminder that ten people is “not enough for a full reunion, I know, but the week’s not over yet. “

A Message From Daran Norris