New Pics From Thor: The Dark World

Thank you, Marvel! We have five new pictures from Thor: The Dark World to analyze and drool over. Some of them are from scenes we’ve seen in trailers, such as Thor and Sif in battle, and Thor wearing that weird poncho-cape thing when he visits Loki’s swanky prison cell. But we also get a nice look at the film’s bad guys. In one pic there’s Malekith, ruler of the Dark Elves, played by Christopher “Ninth Doctor” Eccleston in makeup that makes him almost unrecognizable. He’s carrying some fancy weapon and sporting, if I am not mistaken, what appears to be a codpiece. We also have a picture showing off his minions, and they look suitably creepy in their horned masks. Take a look:

Thor and Sif in battle


Hemsworth as Thor with director Alan Taylor


Malekith's army

Thor: The Dark World will be released November 8. What do you think about the pictures? What sort of shampoo do you think Hemsworth uses to get his hair to look like that? Let us know in the comments below!