Being Human (UK) Final Season gets a US Air Date

Being Human (UK) - Series 5It’s been months since the final series of Being Human (UK) finished its run in Britain, and fans in the US have been wondering when they’d get their chance to say goodbye to the series (well, those who didn’t already download it). BBC America has finally made its announcement. Being Human’s fifth and final series will begin airing as part of Supernatural Saturday on 13 July at 10 PM ET/PT.

Series four saw the final member of the original cast leave us, as Annie sacrificed herself in an effort to save the world from “The Old Ones,” a group of vampires bent on controlling the world. Now the shows new trio, Vampire Hal (Damien Molony), Werewolf Tom (Michael Socha, also seen on Once Upon a Time in Wonderland), and Ghost Alex (Kate Bracken) are facing the greatest threat – The Devil himself. Wandering the world in human form, The Devil has decided it’s his turn to try and take over the world

Yeah, it’s sad to say, but maybe it was time this show ended. Much as we came to love this new cast (and a major Bravo to Toby Whithouse for casting such amazing characters to replace the original beloved cast), that story is getting old. But at least we have six episodes of awesome before it leaves us forever.