Dan Harmon to Return to Community?

The series of surprising events surrounding NBC’s Community continues, with creator Dan Harmon confirming he has been asked back as executive producer for the show’s fifth season.

The past year has been a tumultuous one for Community and its fans. Harmon was infamously oDan Harmonusted from his own show last spring when NBC chose to renew Community without him, following a nasty feud between Harmon and Chevy Chase that went public. Midway through production of season four, it was announced that Chevy Chase would be departing the show. Reception of the Harmon-less fourth season was mixed, with many fans and critics feeling the show lost something of itself in the transition. Despite low ratings and amidst a flurry of comedy cancellations, NBC renewed Community for an unexpected fifth season earlier this month.

Though Harmon has now publicly confirmed the offer, it should be mentioned that he hasn’t explicitly confirmed whether or not he accepted. For now, though, it seems Community‘s once uncertain future is getting brighter and brighter.

Community is slated to return to NBC mid-season for a 13-episode fifth season.


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