Orphan Black S1 Ep8 – Entangled Bank

I don’t know if I can take it much longer! All of the twists and turns and secrets slowly trickling out, the mounting threat of danger! Ugh, I love it.

Orphan Black S1 Ep8 confrontation

So this week while Cosima is busy having naked time with Dr. Leekie’s mistress, Delphine, things are going not so great for Allison or Sarah. Let’s start with the most dramatic: Allison.

After the events of episode six Allison and Donnie went to a couples retreat to work on their marriage, but it was no help. Allison left the retreat early because she wants a divorce, and while she’s packing her bags to get away from everything else, nosey neighbor Aynsely comes by with her brand of “I’m only trying to help” drama. To which – Allison asks for her spare house key back and tells Aynsely she doesn’t need help teaching ice skating later that night, nor does she need her help period.

This all escalates to Aynsely showing up at ice skating practice, and all the mothers knowing that Allison is getting a divorce. Allison confronts her and warns her that because she can’t keep her nose out of Allison’s life, then she’s going to make Aynsely’s life more troublesome. This ends with Allison getting high and sleeping with Aynsely’s husband, Chad, mere moments later in the parking lot.

And while Sarah isn’t exactly doing much this episode, her former partner Art is getting all up in the conspiracy. He and his new partner (Angie) can’t figure out why the murder victim (Katya) has matching prints to a suicide by train (Sarah), and why this Sarah woman looks like Art’s old partner (Beth). So they go to visit Sarah’s next of kin. Mrs. S does a fine job of feigning surprise and frustration with the investigation, while offering no helpful information. Felix, on the other hand, is too jittery, has too many paintings of the different clones, and sounds like the guy who called Art the other night. A quick callback of the number on Art’s phone confirms that it is, in fact, Felix who called him saying he had information on Beth.

Orphan Black S1 Ep8 Partners

Paul, on the other hand, has been the good little soldier and stays by Olivier’s side as he recovers in the hospital. By good little soldier, I mean someone you made the mistake of threatening and now he’s just staying around to watch you suffer. Also, Olivier’s name is really Kevin. So Paul threatens Kevin that if he spills the clone beans to Dr. Leekie, he’ll find himself in a world of hurt. Leekie is impressed with Paul and not so happy with Kevin, to the point that Paul gets a promotion and Kevin gets dead.

Now, while all this is going on Delphine is going through Cosima’s notes, and she calls up Leekie. She reveals that Cosima has been in contact with all the clones and is researching their genetics. Leekie wants to know the names of the clones, so Delphine matches them with him, and he hears a name of one he’s never heard of before: Sarah Manning. But, maybe due to guilt or her own interest in the matter, she doesn’t tell Leekie that Sarah has a 7-year-old daughter.

Sarah-as-Beth is called by Art to come down to the precinct to answer some questions, mostly if she has any relatives. She pretends to have no idea who Sarah Manning is and wants to know how far along they’ve gotten, but self-proclaimed bitch Angie says she can’t give civilians that kind of information. As soon as Sarah leaves they take the picture they had her hold to run for prints. We all know that they will come back as Sarah’s and not Beth’s. At this point I ask if they’ve even run Beth’s; because she was an officer her prints would be on file as well.

Later Allison drunkenly gets into a fight with Aynsely in the middle of the suburban road, and seeks out Sarah for aid and solace. Sarah decides now is the time to let Mrs. S in on everything by introducing the two.  While she is brought up to speed, it is revealed that the clones were all conceived in vitro, but Sarah’s mother, despite having gone such lengths to conceive, put her up for adoption. Mrs. S does seem to confirm that Sarah was possibly a child that was medically experimented on, and why she was hidden in the foster system.

Orphan Black S1 Ep8 Kira

While all this is going on Helena kidnaps Kira. When you let someone borrow your jacket, don’t leave anything in the pockets. Especially, I don’t know, say, a letter from your seven-year-old daughter that has her address on it! Because of this oversight, Helena is able to find where Kira lives and take her. But it’s not a brutal kidnapping; Kira is happy to go along because she gets to meet another of her mommy’s sisters. Halfway through the kidnapping, Kira asks Helena what happened to her and why she’s so sad. Helena is touched, and after a hug she lets Kira go. Dear Lord. And as Kira is walking back to her panicked mother, she blindly steps into the road and is struck by a car. Ugh! I know! Feels!

It’s like the writers all sat around and said, “Okay, so yeah, they’re all clones and it’s science fiction, but what if we downplay all the science-y stuff and throw in a bunch of real world problems? Like neighborhood watch parties, drug dealer boyfriends, and cars that hit little seven-year-old girls?” to which everyone in the room said, “Yes!”

This is probably why I love the show: they keep the character drama up front, they include a lot of tragicomic moments, and they underplay the science. The underplay works because it lends a certain amount of credibility. It is science fiction, and it could easily have gone down the route of an action-orientated show with absurd over-the-top fantasy science, but it doesn’t.  Too often, shows with science fiction plot lines take the fiction to the extreme where the science is no longer plausible in our real world.

Tonight is the penultimate episode, and at this point I have given up on guessing. I’m just enjoying the hell out of it now.


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