Glee S4 Ep22 – All or Nothing

Award ceremony time! It’s pretty much the least climactic Regionals win ever, as the placement goes according to appearance. Sorry Bubs, sorry Jessica Sanchez, your winners are the sweetest kids in Ohio: New Directions. Cue enthusiastic hugging and chest bumping and joyful celebration! Including a jubilant Unique and Ryder, who embrace warmly before backing off and looking at each other warily.

Yay! We won! Miss Congeniality AND Most Photogenic!

Yay! We won! Miss Congeniality AND Most Photogenic!

Oh gosh, really. Give me season 5.

As the celebrating and fireworks fade to black, we come back to an empty stage where Brittany stands one last time, before sitting down on the risers to stare out at the vacated seats. Santana walks out, offers her hand, and leads her off. It’s a lovely image for those who have adored this couple for so long, and a cementing of their lasting feelings for each other. Nicely done.

Back in the choir room, the kids are celebrating. They’re on their way to being repeat National Champions! Our first spoiler for season 5: Nationals is in Los Angeles! I wonder how many naked boy calendars it will take to pay for airfare. Note to Ryan Murphy: That’s where Cooper Anderson lives. Let’s bring Matt Bomer back, okay?

Suddenly, Emma enters with a minister at her heels. What now? Apparently we’re not done with weddings or engagements or talk of forever quite yet. No, Will and Emma have realized that the big ceremony thing was not them and not the reason they wanted to be together. So here and now, in the choir room, they’re going to become husband and wife.

Everyone is still on a winning high and surprise weddings are exactly the thing to keep the mood going.

With Sugar as flower girl – she rips petals off a bouquet and tosses them to the floor – and everyone humming the wedding march, Emma walks down the “aisle” to Will. The aisle quickly becomes another show circle as the group surrounds the happy couple. Their wedding vows are heartfelt and sweet, a really nice tribute to the long, long road to happiness that “Wemma” has taken. Jayma Mays was really just a joy to watch this season, and Emma is radiant with her realized dream of marrying Will. As they kiss, the group erupts into a joyful noise.

Wemma Wedding 2.0 - this one sticks because nothing says forever love like the choir room.

Wemma Wedding 2.0: this one sticks because nothing says forever love like the choir room.

And what’s this? A smiling Blaine looks at Kurt, standing next to him. And Kurt? Is oblivious to the fact that Blaine is holding a little black velvet box behind his back…


Whew! And again, whew! This episode could have used another thirty minutes to flesh out some of the stories, but it’s clear there were wrap-ups and goodbyes (Wemma and Brittany). The rest of it was a relentless tease of what early season 5 is going to look like! As a “cliffhanger” it doesn’t work, because we’re left too early in the drama to be breathless in anticipation. Instead, it served to put an itch under the audience’s collar until fall!

Will Unique and Ryder work it out? (Anyone asking me? Okay, if you insist – yes please!). Will Blaine ask Kurt to marry him despite their weird status? (At this rate they’re going to be married and Kurt will still be telling people they’re not a couple). Is New Directions really two people down for Nationals? (Three if you count the fact that Vanessa Lengies’s pilot got picked up!). Is Rachel going to be on Broadway? (Is water wet?!).

I’m preferring to think of this episode not as a season finale, but just as the last thing before a crazy long hiatus. Early word has been that next season is picking up where “All or Nothing” left off, so expect to be back in the choir room posthaste. Or maybe at the Wemma reception at Breadstix and dropped back into the drama!


Season 4 has been a joy for me – and I can’t wait to share all of my best of lists soon! – and while this wasn’t the strongest episode of the year, it did much to illustrate why September cannot come soon enough!

Tere’s Episode Round-up:

What made me laugh: Sam and Blaine in the jewelry store. “You know you want to do me!” They’re ridiculous and I hope they never stop.

What made me sniffle: Brittany’s goodbye to Glee Club earned every single tear twice over.

What made me side-eye: Four minutes of Rachel? Really? It was an anticlimactic moment in the Funny Girl storyline.

What I’m listening to on repeat:  New Direction’s Regionals set is my favorite since their season 3 Sectionals (“Hold Onto Sixteen”). Can’t stop listening to any of them. 

What I’m looking forward to next week: Nothing! Because my favorite show is nowhere to be seen. Time for a rewatch?


Want to join in on the rewatch?  You can find “All Or Nothing” on Amazon Instant Video.

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