Glee S4 Ep22 – All or Nothing

Hey, it’s another episode of Fondue for Two! Britt’s on a roll here. Her guest this time is Santana, who isn’t in the mood to play games. She shuts down the camera and demands answers. Why is Britt acting like this?

Before we can get an answer, we’re in the auditorium for Regionals! Emma, in white and bearing food, is sitting with Santana and Will in the audience. Will ditches them for some backstage coaching.

First up, those prep school kids singing Kermit the Frog’s “Rainbow Connection” in dapper tuxes. Quick trivia note: These are the Beelzebubs of Tufts University, and if their harmonies sound familiar, you might know them better as the vocals for the season 2 Warblers! But for now they are going on first and only singing one song, and therefore we know they are not real competition for New Directions.

Backstage, Will has apparently just realized they are a person short, because he’s super happy when Ryder arrives. Turns out he’s only mad at one person – close up on Unique for subtlety – and shouldn’t punish the whole group for it. He’ll sing, but he’s out of Glee Club once the performance is over. Everyone has sad faces.

Sorry Frida! Your amazing voice cannot beat the level of cute contained in New Directions.

Sorry, Frida! Your amazing voice cannot beat the level of cute contained in New Directions.

Now on stage, New Directions’ only real competition: the Hoosierdaddies! They open with “Clarity” by Zedd, and Jessica Sanchez unleashes her pipes on the unsuspecting audience. They have a light show, and after some oddly uninspired dancing by the boys, they’re joined by some ladies, who are freaking amazing and kick the quality up about ten notches.

Their second song actually blows the first one away – “Wings” by Little Mix, and the ladies take center stage with some fabulous dancing and even better vocals. Uh oh…

In the audience, Brittany steps though the curtains and joins her Glee Club family, getting pulled into a relieved hug from Sam. Okay, we’re good to go. Twelve members, a lot of tension, and a killer performance to beat. We got this.

Show circle time! We have a full house – New Directions plus Mercedes, Kurt, and Mike. Before they can get a pep talk from Will, a tearful Brittany has something to say. Sam and Santana give her sad but comforting looks as she begins. She’s received a full scholarship to MIT, and they want her to start right away. Since she never believed she would go to college, she’s not letting this offer get away.

All her life she was told she was stupid – until she stepped into the choir room. And then she started to think she was more than that. Brittany cries, tells them they are her family. Her sisters, her brothers, those kids they took in after the orphanage burned down. Britt saves her last two goodbyes for Sam and Santana, expressing her love for her former boyfriend and a sharing quiet moment with her former girlfriend. And with an “amaaaaaazing,” New Directions moves ahead.

Side bar: Heather Morris has been a revelation this year. Her performance in “Shooting Star” was tremendous, and her comedic flair has been used well. This scene was Brittany and Heather’s goodbye, and you felt every single tear was real, from each person in that room. While this episode had an uneven sloshing together of rushed stories, this is one that I’m glad was told in more than one scene. Britt got a lovely send off, and Heather got her last moment. She will absolutely be missed.

On stage, the New Directions boys start us off with The Script’s “Hall of Fame.” They’re all dorky and adorable in their cardigans and ties (I assume Blaine was in charge of the costumes). It starts silly and casual, and moves into a nicely choreographed piece with the girls joining in. Since most of their group numbers this year have been either boy bandesque or free style, this is a good blend, and everyone looks like the dancing is in their comfort zone.

This segues into the girls’ number, which is fun, fun, fun. The playful aspect is given full reign, as they bop to the music and dramatically recreate the lyrics to the super catchy “I Love It” by Icona Pop. The boys join them and yet again, that great aspect of play so evident in the New Direction numbers this year is perfectly exploited. No parking and barking here! Special shout out to Sugar, who takes the “I don’t care” line to the extreme and is hilarious to watch.

Finally we get an original number, the titular “All or Nothing” with Marley and Blaine on lead vocals. Ryder and Unique share a weird look on the risers that fills me with eager delight, not going to lie.

Marley starts us off, then is joined by Blaine for some some shiny and lovely singing – that their voices blend perfectly surprises no one with ears. The song insists they’re not going to stand for a half-realized life, oh no. Go big or go home, basically. As Blaine takes center stage, we get a moment of Santana wiping her eyes – and then handing a tissue back to a similarly moved and tearful Kurt. Gee, I wonder what that’s about!

Oh, Kurt.

New Directions harmonizes on the last note and then takes a bow. Now, who in the world could vote against all that cute?

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