Orphan Black S1 Ep7 – Parts Developed in an Unusual Manner

This last episode of Orphan Black took us into a very weird direction as we near the conclusion of the show. The weird direction was a boot from The Matrix twisting its ankle in a World of Darkness-style science hole. If you’ve been watching at home then you know this show is all about the twist, and you also know that no matter what you think it will be, it will never be what you think it will be.

So this week starts off with Paul going to see Olivier at his secret hideout. Now, you might think Olivier has a room down the hall in the office building Paul “works” at, but you’d be wrong. No, Olivier has his office in the basement of a techno-Goth rave bar in an industrial district. Oh, and the club goers are all fans of that weird fringe scientist dude, Dr. Aldous Leekie,  self-proclaimed Neolutionists.

Orphan Black S1 Ep6 NeolutionRemember that Neolution is self-governed and self-guided evolution not only using biological means, but technological means to reach their ideas of perfection. It also turns out that this Dr. Leekie guy is also Olivier’s boss, so he’s the mastermind behind the cloning. This is interesting because he’s been flirting up Cosima, kind of giving him a Doctor Frankenstein flirting with his monster kind of incestuous vibe.

Well, Sarah and Felix shadow Paul to his meeting and met up with him later to find out that Olivier knows Sarah isn’t Beth. Even they have to ask how they know if the clones are all supposed to be genetically identical. Subtle little plot element you dropped there.

In the meantime Helena has been recovering on a boat under strange shadowy figure, Thomas, who reinforces the idea that Helena is the original. He then tells her to use her “connection” with Sarah to get the names of the other clones so she can kill them. Helena meets up with Sarah at a diner as she is told, and gives Sarah a number to call with the names of the others. If Sarah doesn’t she’ll kill Sarah first.

Cosima, on the other hand, has an impromptu dinner date with Dr. Leekie when she goes out with Delphine where he offers them jobs at his lab. She, at this point, has no idea Dr. Leekie is possibly behind her cloning despite his own interests in the field.

Paul is brought at gun point to the Neolution club by Olivier and his lady lackey, where they want him to call up “Beth” so they can interrogate her and possibly do weird science to her. Since they don’t have the full story on what is going on, they tell Paul that Sarah is the killer, but Paul doesn’t bite, and when given the chance to call her he tells her to run.

Now, Sarah is having bonding time with her daughter and Mrs. S at this point. She just found out that she was brought in to Mr. S’s refugee camp one night with no background information, and was pretty much a “don’t ask no question don’t get told no lies” situation. Later on, the same guy who brought her in told Mrs. S to just take her and leave the country and start over and not to tell anyone. It’s a touching moment, because Sarah realizes just how much Mrs. S gave up for her.

So Sarah, all reinvigorated by warm feelys,  runs to Paul’s aid rather than hide for her life. Her thinking is that if she gives them Helena they’ll protect their investments, i.e., the clones. This doesn’t work out so well when they don’t believe her. While she is hooded and taken to a separate part of the club Helena shows up to save the day, for a price. She wants a name first, so Sarah gives her hers.

Orphan Black S1 Ep7 Helena

Olivier notices via CCTV that the lady lackey is knocked out and that a hooded Sarah is standing over her body. He goes to investigate but surprise, not Sarah, it’s crazy Helena, and she wants her knife back (Olivier had taken it from Sarah and now he has it) and she wants to see Olivier’s tail (yeah, remember the Neulotionists agenda? Well, Olivier grew a tail and he brags about it). So of course, extreme religious brainwashing background Helena thinks this is blasphemous and cuts it off. Yeah! And then she goes onto the dance floor with it!

During the tail cutting Sarah and Paul make a break for it. Oh, but unbeknownst to everyone else, Felix has gotten worried and calls up Detective Art with information about Beth. But Sarah and Paul make it to him before he can spill the beans, and he hangs up.

Art, on the other hand, has had to start over the case he was working on. Sarah messed up on all the paper work, and all the forensics evidence keeps coming back, as they think, “tainted.” To them it looks like the killer is the victim, but how can that be? Also, they finally get back a hit on the finger prints, and guess whose picture shows up? Sarah’s.

Three episodes to go and things are starting to come crashing down on all the players. And while I wasn’t expecting the Neolutionists to be behind the monitors, it made for an interesting turn. As I pointed out, that’s what makes this show brilliant: you never know what’s coming next. It’s always left field and it’s always rewarding.

I also want to know which character is more fun for Tatiana Maslany to play: crazed Helena or uptight Allison? Because they both have wonderfully hilarious human moments.

Next episode we go further down the rabbit hole and see the confrontation between Allison and her monitor, Aynsely, while Delphine snuggles up close to Cosima. I foresee some emotional manipulation in our futures.


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