Castle S5 Ep24 – Watershed

A tightly-written season finale with many excellent moments, that nonetheless left me just a bit cold…

We start off the ep with Beckett interviewing for the job as special investigator for the attorney general, down in DC. The man doing the interviewing is none other than Kyle Secor, whom you may know as Jake Kane from Veronica Mars. Upon seeing him, I had a visceral, “No, get out, Kate! He’s a liar and a slimeball!” reaction. But he seems aboveboard — and he’s very behind Kate going for the job.

Gates says go for it

If Beckett had explained things to Castle before the interview, would he have been just as encouraging as Capt. Gates?

Meanwhile, the case of the week is the murder of a young woman who was found in the water tank of a seedy hotel (and by the way, what’s with the “Cedric Hotel” being pronounced as “See-dric”? That’s not how Cedric Diggory’s name was said in the Harry Potter movies). She appears at first like a runaway who has turned to prostitution, but upon closer investigation she turns out to be a Harvard student who used the anonymity of the hotel to hack into a law firm. She was digging into the suspicious death of her friend Pamela. Beckett manages to get a confession out of the sleazy politician’s sleazier brother — but that’s not the important issue of the episode.

No, the real drama is that Kate hasn’t told Rick about the possibility of this job, much less about flying down to DC to do the interview. When Rick finds the boarding pass in her coat, he is shocked, angry, and hurt. In fact, he doesn’t show up at the precinct again after that. Even Ryan and Esposito can’t avoid noticing something’s up with Beckett. (Meanwhile, we get more excellent reaction shots when Ryan tells Espo that he and Jenny are expecting. Yaaay, again!)

Thankfully, after chatting with Lanie and her dad, Beckett realizes she must have a talk with Castle. Castle has had a good discussion with his mother, too. (It’s a little hard to believe that after two failed marriages Castle wouldn’t have realized Beckett might want to know where their relationship is headed, but whatever. He has been shown as rather clueless about these types of things.)

This builds to a head when Beckett calls Castle. They meet — in the park, at the swing set, of course. But before Beckett can get out her painful statement about how she really wants this job and she thinks it would be a bad idea to give it up for Castle — or whatever it was she was going to say — Castle gets down on one knee and pulls out a ring. “Katherine Houghton Beckett,” he says, “will you marry me?” And Beckett stares at him, stunned.

Castle with ring

Cue explosions from Caskett fangirls around the world.

I saw that ending coming a mile off, but you know, sometimes that doesn’t matter too much. Still, as thrilled as I am that Rick wants to commit to Kate, and as much as I expected it would be a surprise to Kate when he finally did it, is it picky of me to have wanted it to be a sweeter moment? They both looked so unhappy right up until the moment when Castle revealed the ring.

But even having said that, I am of course very pleased, and curious to see the (hopefully) immediate follow-up to that moment next season. Feel free to sound off in the comments on your own reactions to the pivotal moments of this ep, and see you this fall!