Doctor Who – She Said, He Said: A Prequel

While I’m writing up my review for “Nightmare in Silver,” I thought I’d let you know about the end-of-the-credits prequel for the season finale “The Name of The Doctor.” Penned by none other than Steven Moffat himself, “She Said, He Said” isn’t so much a teaser scene set between the two episodes, it’s more of a prologue done in two monologues, recalling how both Clara and The Doctor feel about each other and their inherent mysteries. For her it’s wanting to know why he’s running and what is his name; for him it’s who she is and what she means. They both acknowledge they found out on the day they went Trenzalore.

This is Steven Moffat hitting you over the head with foreshadowing. But you love it.

The prequel is only available to watch on the BBC YouTube page.

Now, while I have your attention, let’s bring up the fact that due to an error some lucky few who preordered with BBC America received their BluRay DVDs of Season 7 Part 2 already. I know! This means that some have already viewed “The Name of The Doctor.” But if you’re on the prowl for spoilers and downloads you’ll find little to nothing of actual spoilers, and a ton of supposed spoilers. On the BBC’s Doctor Who Facebook page we were asked that if spoilers are kept secret and torrents not uploaded, then fans would get treated to a new post credit scene of David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor and Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor after the episode airs.

So, as much as I want the episode now now now, I urge you to keep from spoiling it if you’ve seen it. The suspense is killing me!


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