Enzo Cilenti Cast in Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy lineup

Enzo CilentiIn a tweet that was later deleted, British actor Enzo Cilenti announced, in as a coy a manner as possible, that he will star in Marvel’s upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy.

I may or may not be in #Guardiansofthegalaxy. I am sworn to secrecy so can’t say. In entirely unrelated news, “I am.”

That “sworn to secrecy” part probably explains why the tweet was later deleted. Which character he will play is unknown, though the Internet has collectively jumped to the conclusion that it must be Rocket Raccoon, seeing as how only he and Groot are yet to be cast. Cilenti will join Chris Pratt, Dave Bautista, and Zoe Saldana (who has been officially confirmed as Gamora).

Guardians of the Galaxy will be released August 2014. Who do you think Cilenti will play? Let us know in the comments below!