Supernatural S8 Ep22 – Clip Show

Dean, Sam, and Cas watching filmstrip in Men of Letters bunker

Sometimes I wish that Supernatural would pace their story arc a bit differently, so that things wouldn’t conveniently happen so quickly. I say this because there were some pretty interesting revelations in this latest outing, that I wish could have had more time throughout the season to be explored. But that said, this was a really good episode that introduced some exciting and terrifying new concepts, while also crushing me emotionally.

Abaddon tied up in chair

It worked! Sam owes Dean a beer.

This was a pretty meaty episode in terms of plot, so I’m going to focus mostly on that, but I’ll try to cover character development along the way too.  But let’s start with one of the biggest plot revelations. In the last episode we learned that the third trial is to cure a demon. How the heck do you do that? Well, conveniently Sam and Dean stumbled across a filmstrip in the Men of Letters’ bunker that showed a priest trying to do exactly that. Then they went through more records and found the way to do it. See, now this is where I wish they didn’t try to cram their plot all into the last few episodes of the season. This was awesome, but it would have been more awesome if they had had a little more time – say, just one more episode – where they had to go hunting for this information so that it wouldn’t seem so easy to find it.

But anyway, once they had the info, they needed a demon to cure. Of course, like cops, there’s never any around when you need one. Luckily, they happened to know where to find one. Remember Abaddon from the episode with their time-traveling grandfather?  They dug her up and sewed her back together. But then she escaped. Again, I kind of wish there had been more time devoted to this, but I like Abaddon and I’m glad that they’ve brought her back. She’s a Knight of Hell, and I hope that now she’s back we’ll get to see that explored more.

She’s also an interesting new piece on the game board, because Crowley has never really had much competition for the throne in hell that we’ve gotten to actually see in action. Abaddon called him a salesman, because he was, after all, a crossroads demon before he became the Big Bad, and she was quite shocked that he was king now. She wants a regime change, which means there’s going to be some interesting things going on down in the pit.

I always felt that Crowley took over a little too easily once Lucifer was defeated. We never got to see a big fight over the power vacuum he left behind, so this fight for the throne is something I wish we could have seen back in season six. We had hints of Crowley needing more power to keep his hold – that was what the whole “finding purgatory” plotline in season six was about – but we never had a sense that it was all that hard for him. I want to see a real fight for control over hell, and I hope that with Abaddon around we might get that. Because you know that if there’s a fight for power in hell, that’s going to spill over onto earth, just like how the fight for control over heaven has. This could be interesting.

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