Community Renewed for Fifth Season

In a plot twist that might shock even Abed, NBC announced Friday night that Community will be back for a fifth season.

Along with Parks and Recreation, Community becomes one of only two half-hour shows to get the go-ahead from the peacock network. With veteran comedies 30 Rock and The Office both airing their series finales this year, and none of NBC’s new freshman comedies taking off, perhaps Community was simply the easiest choice – a show with a built-in fanbase that performs consistently, if not exceptionally.

It has yet to be confirmed how many episodes the fifth season will be, but a minimum of 13 seems a safe bet. With Jeff Winger graduated from Greendale and Chevy Chase departing the show, Community will need to shake up its format. Series regulars Jim Rash and Ken Jeong will likely see a bump in screentime in Chase’s wake.

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