Glee S4 Ep21 – Wonder-ful

On the Stage Where Important Stuff Happens, Blaine is waiting with a box in hand. Enter Burt Hummel, World’s Greatest Dad in Remission! He’s been summoned there by Blaine, and while he’s concerned about another serenade, it turns out that it’s just to receive a gift. A small rainbow pin, which Blaine hopes he’ll wear during his Congressional duties, to show his support for gay marriage. Burt is touched and then utterly unprepared when “Anderson” drops a little bombshell. Provided they’re legally able to, Blaine would like to formally ask Burt for permission to ask Kurt to marry him.

Burt considers Blaine family - but he' s not quite ready to give his Father of the Groom speech.

Burt considers Blaine family, but he’ s not quite ready to give his Father of the Groom speech.


Burt is shocked. Blaine knows Kurt is his soul mate. He knows he screwed up big time, and he also knows he needs to do something bold to get him back. Now Burt loves how much Blaine loves his son and already considers him family, but no, no, he’s not giving his permission at this time. They’re too young (remember the pre-marital train wreck that was Finchel?), and Burt doesn’t think Blaine understands the scope of what marriage entails. Flush with the promise of same-sex marriage, Blaine insists that this isn’t Finchel.2 (agreed), and that Burt is missing the grand scope of his feelings.

Future World’s Greatest Father-In-Law invites Blaine to sit down for a chat. He tries to explain how marriage is different – from dating, from living together. The commitment changes something in your relationship and it’s not to be taken lightly. There’s a big different between marrying a person and marrying an idea. But Blaine is scared of losing Kurt forever (and therein lies the root of his desperate plan).

“You think you two were meant to be?”


“You think you two have a true love?”


“Then stop worrying.”

Burt thanks his future son-in-law for the pin and tells him it’s going to be okay. Blaine wants to know how he’s so sure, and Burt delivers what I assume is a line from his wedding toast: “When two people love each other like you two do, everything works out.”

Thanks, World’s Greatest Dad.

Mercedes gives her final bit of pep talking – the Glee kids are going to rif, emote, embrace their talent, and sing every note with passion. Artie seconds that emotion, and invites everyone to the auditorium at 4pm for a song. He leads the applause from his enthused teammates and mouths a thank you to Kitty, who is clearly being nice today because she’s smiling adorably. We love nice Kitty!

Rachel visits Cassie at school and gives her a thank you gift: Debbie Allen’s dance stick (is there a proper name?) from the movie Fame, which she got at the flea market. With, I assume, a note of authenticity. She thanks Cassie for making her a better dancer this year, through the time honored tradition of mental abuse and sleeping with her boyfriend. Cassie tells her she always knew she was special. They hug it out, and I remain convinced NYADA is built on an ancient burial ground of students who paid 12k to learn nothing and now haunt the current students and faculty.

Blaine has something he wants to ask Kurt...and Kurt seems to want to say yes to SOMETHING.

Blaine has something he wants to ask Kurt…and Kurt seems to want to say yes to SOMETHING.

Back in Ohio, a nervous Blaine leads Kurt into a quiet corner of the hallway. He has something to say – and it’s tough, given their complicated history and emotions and stuff. Kurt finds his nervousness slightly adorable. Blaine wants to ask him…if…he…would… Kurt nearly falls over from leaning forward, his face encouraging. Would – would Kurt stay for Regionals?

Not what Kurt was expecting, apparently. But he covers quickly and says he was already planning to.

“You had to know I would say yes,” says Kurt, and the audience giggles nervously.

He winds his arm around Blaine’s and ushers him down the hallway. It’s been a wonderful week, he says breezily as Blaine adds, “and with you in it, a wonderful life.”

Oh, boys.

As per tradition, we end our episode with the joyful sounds of New Directions singing together. “For Once in My Life” – headlined by Artie – features all the ND’ers in shades of orange and yellow, bopping and snapping in synchronized fashion on stage. Mercedes, Mike, and Kurt (and yes, they are also color coordinated) join them, along with Mr. Schue, for some singing along and really, the whole thing is just sunshine on a cloudy day.

And we’re done! That means one episode closer to the end – booo! While I’m dying to see Regionals and what will be wrapped up – and what will be left sitting on the edge of a cliff – it’ll be tough to say goodbye to such an amazing season. Right now New Directions is poised to put it all on the line at competition, Kurt is back and happy, Blaine has marriage on his mind, and we still need to find out who has been catfishing Ryder. The finale’s going to be packed, so this was clearly the calm before the storm.

Tere’s Episode Round-up:

What made me laugh: Even Nice!Kitty has a barbed tongue, and her exchanges with Artie are fun.

What made me sniffle: Burt doesn’t have cancer! Plus the Burt/Blaine scene. Basically, Burt.

What made me side-eye: Rachel and the NYADA Pod People. Really? Cassie July knew Rachel was special all along? Okay then.

What I’m listening to on repeat:  “Superstitious” was amazing. 

What I’m looking forward to next week: Regionals! Resolutions! What I am not looking forward to is the end of an amazing year of Glee!


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