Glee S4 Ep21 – Wonder-ful

Mike continues his pump-up of Jake, which appears to be a plot device so Harry Shum and Jacob Artist can perform together on “I Wish.” Okay, the ridiculousness is forgiven! These are two highly trained, incredibly imaginative dancers and it’s pure pleasure to watch them move. We demand an all-dance episode of Glee next season!

Mike is delighted by Jake’s dancing and the enthusiasm of the group, and as the New Directioners congratulate their teammate, he asks Kurt where Mercedes is.

Mercedes, it seems, is in the auditorium yelling at someone on the phone. Mike and Kurt enter – and discover that Mercedes’ big album release dreams have been dashed. Apparently her seedy British producer loves her voice, but not her prim look. Either she shows more skin on the album cover or it’s off the schedule. Kurt and Mike are outraged on her behalf. The audience says, “I don’t believe that,” and they’re right because it doesn’t make sense, but we’re hand waving and feeling bad for Mercedes, as she wonders if she should give in to the producer’s demands.

In the tradition of great parents, Artie turns out to have an awesome mom.

In the tradition of great parents, Artie turns out to have an awesome mom.

Artie has a house! And it’s a really nice one. He also has a mom played by Katey Segal! Who is sitting on the couch with Kitty, having already spilled his good news about the Brooklyn Film Academy! Kitty leaves them alone and it turns out that Artie’s mom isn’t the one afraid to let him go to New York. Artie lied to his friends because he didn’t want them to know how scared he is to leave. New York isn’t home – with the ramp and the accessible bedroom and outfitted bathroom. But Mom sees through this. Artie’s brave and all those things were his idea – he knows what he needs to get by. The bottom bottom line? Artie doesn’t want to leave his devoted momma behind. She’s done everything for him since the accident and repaying her by packing up and leaving doesn’t seem fair.

But it turns out that’s exactly what Mom wants – this is Artie’s dream and her best reward in life is to see him fulfill it. Artie is going to New York! Will he live in the Imperial Loft of Bushwick Where Everyone Lives? Time will tell.

In that fine locale, Cassie and Rachel walk down the hallway, with Cassie continuing her litany of Fail Rachel! Fail! They enter the dance studio and…a group of students stand menacingly in the shadows. (I think there’s scaffolding in the background.) While NYADA is a place of intense competition, it’s also a place where they celebrate good news. And as Rachel has gone through the fire, it’s time to celebrate! All the strangers are so very happy for her callback and have signs and stuff!

More disbelief. And a song from Cassie July! It’s like opposite day.

Kate Hudson sings “Uptight (Everything is Alright)” and she does a great job; lots of energy on the vocals. The scene doesn’t make sense, but let’s just appreciate a whole lot of talent on a great song.

Side bar: Who are these cheering throngs? Was Cassie’s attitude the whole year (and sleeping with her almost boyfriend) a test? I don’t understand how this school works.

Back in Lima, Mercedes once again addresses the Glee kids. Turns out she’s learned a lesson herself this week; though it may result in her never being the big recording artist she dreams of being, Mercedes isn’t willing to compromise. So her record deal is off, and she’ll be selling her music at her church, on street corners, and via Amazon, and hopefully finding success on her terms. (She should try YouTube videos!)

Mr. Schue sets us up for “Higher Ground” like a late night infomercial selling hits from the 1970s, but then Mercedes sings and no one cares about the rest of it. Unique testifies and everyone gets their groove on – with some White Chocolate thrown in for good measure. This whole thing might have been an excuse for Amber Riley to sing Stevie Wonder, and that’s justification enough for me.

I almost might be shipping Mike and Mercedes.

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