Glee S4 Ep21 – Wonder-ful

What's this? The music of Stevie Wonder AND our favorite guest stars? A+!

What’s this? The music of Stevie Wonder AND our favorite guest stars? A+!

Ticking down to the end of the season (wasn’t it just yesterday we were trying to figure out how this Ohio/New York split was going to work?), we’ve arrived at the last episode of Glee before the season finale. Storylines are swimming around in the ether – waiting to be resolved – but hey, let’s add a few more to complicate things!

We’ve had it all this year – Burt’s cancer, a school shooting, break-ups, shake-ups, and a serious star turn by the long-neglected Lord Tubbington. “Wonder-ful” pays tribute to the music of the brilliant Stevie Wonder, in an episode full of great songs, love, happiness, and bright possibility. And some weird stuff in NY, but that’s nothing new.

We open on Rachel in the Imperial Loft of Bushwick, calling Mr. Schue. She wants him to be the first to know that she got her callback for Fanny Brice in Funny Girl! It’s down to her and two other girls, and she needed to tell her old choir teacher before her dads or Finn or anyone! There’s some supposed-to-be-touching revisionist history and thank yous and aren’t-you-awesome-Rachel! stuff that goes on about a minute too long.

In the choir room, Mr. Schue gives a run down of all the Wonderful (he writes it on the board and everything) stuff going on. Rachel has her callback! Brittany’s got an early acceptance to MIT! (“That can’t be true,” says Kitty). Will re-proposed to Emma! Wow, that’s such good news, only 1/3 of it impacts the kids in the room…Oh and Tina got wait-listed for vet school, as a fallback to acting!

“That can’t be true,” says the audience.

Mr. Schue uses this unlikely bit of news as his intro for this week’s assignment: the songs of Mr. Stevie Wonder! Finally, something everyone can legitimately applaud about.

Kitty chases down Artie in the hallway. She knows he’s depressed, and assumes it’s because he’s been eyeing her like a Taiwanese street walker since Guilty Pleasures week (dude, we ALL noticed), and PS, he’s not getting any of it. Artie admits he’s depressed, but mostly because he’s received acceptance to the Brooklyn Academy of Film. Which I’m going to go ahead and guess is located in the Loft Where Everyone Lives in Bushwick. That’s great, says Kitty. I’m not going, says Artie, and he would appreciate it if she didn’t tell anyone.

Is he new?

Speaking of Bushwick…hi Kurt! Kurt has a voice-over, and we learn that he’s headed back to Ohio for his dad’s big doctor’s appointment. Hopefully they will find out all the treatment he’s been getting has eradicated his cancer. As he ticks off the days on his Men of McKinley calendar, Kurt admits he’s developed some OCD habits, stemming from his panic over his dad’s health. From his sky blue socks to his nose touching for luck, Kurt is struggling to keep his head above water. His dad is everything and if he gets bad news…

Through the magic portal and Kurt is at McKinley. It’s the perfect opportunity to see everyone – and Blaine. No hooking up this time, but there’s definitely a different feeling in the air for Kurt as he stares down the hallway at his oblivious ex. Mercedes and Mike sneak up on him and after they poke him out of his deep reverie, he gives them both a big hug.

They run into the choir room as Kitty begins Stevie week with a kick-butt performance of “Signed, Sealed, Delivered,” accompanied by Blaine on piano and Jake and Ryder doing back-up vocals and dancing. She plays to Artie as everyone sings along, but he doesn’t crack a smile. Even less when Kitty announces it was the perfect song to celebrate Artie getting into film school.

Mercedes doesn’t have much good stuff to say about the performance, and talks about how they have to be so much better for Regionals. Gee, if only some of the group had experience in winning a National Show Choir competition! Everyone has amnesia so no one points this out. Kitty insults Mercedes, Kurt says Mercedes has an album coming out and insults Kitty, Mike is choreographing the video and is here to teach them to dance, Tina is obnoxious over this and insults everyone (though “hashtag Glee hates girls” is sorta genius), and Kurt smacks down Tina. It’s just like old times, which makes me not miss the old times at all.

Artie and Kitty hash it out in the hallway. His mom is freaking out about him leaving Ohio for New York City, so he’s not going, and Kitty’s trying to mix up the evil with the good. Keeping it fresh as it were. She understands it’s hard, but he would be amazing in film school – his dream come true! – and he should really think about it.

At the Lima Bean (we missed you!), Blaine is psyched about the marriage equality news. It’s exciting! And soon he’ll be in New York to be excited in person! He says Kurt looks “dirty cute” and Kurt looks confused. Hey Kurt, it’s a compliment! They settle at the table and while the conversation swirls between Mercedes and Mike about her video, Kurt starts to stack a small mountain of sugar packets.

Blaine notices the behavior, and when the conversation switches to them (as in what exactly is up with them – they’re not together, but during the wedding there was some serious boy on boy action), Kurt freaks out. Blaine and Mercedes each take one of Kurt’s hands in their own, and Kurt pulls Blaine closer, stroking his finger over his knuckles in a familiar gesture. They try to soothe him – his dad will be okay. Trust and believe. Really. Kurt and Blaine share a heartfelt look, and Kurt is sincerely grateful for his friends. And Blaine.

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