New Much Ado About Nothing UK Trailer

much ado beatrice and benedick

Much Ado About Nothing‘s June release can’t come soon enough.  At least now that we’re just over a month away, we keep getting new tidbits to tide us over until opening day.  The latest is a new UK trailer, though the concept of geographically-based trailers seems a bit silly now, given the Internet.  The latest trailer lays out the plot more than the initial teaser did, though the plot’s not really a surprise to anyone familiar with the play.

What’s interesting to me is the contrast between the first trailer, which was presumably a US trailer, and this latest one.  The US trailer was flashy, jazzy, and fun.  The UK trailer has an orchestral score, and focuses more on the play itself (and thus the Shakespearean dialog).  Interesting considerations about marketing to US vs. UK audiences aside, the more I learn about Joss’s Much Ado, the happier I am.  The story certainly is both modern and jazzy and literary and grand, and Joss is the perfect person to pull off both.

Much Ado About Nothing opens on June 7 in the US and June 14 in the UK.  Can’t wait?  Need to squee?  Have more insights on geography-based marketing to share?  Let us know in the comments below.