John Krasinski to Guest Star on Arrested Development

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John KrasinskiSoon we will have fifteen new episodes of Arrested Development to waste an entire day watching all in a row, and we can expect to see plenty of famous faces pop up throughout. One of those will be John Krasinski, best known for his role in The Office, whose brief cameo appearance is being kept under wraps. It sounds like it won’t be a big part, but it is definitely something they want to keep secret, so let your imaginations roam.

The upcoming fourth season of the revived cult comedy is going to be set up slightly differently from before, with each episode dedicated to following one of the nine main characters. The episodes are reportedly so interwoven that some jokes will be set up in one episode and not pay off until another one somewhere down the road. David Cross, who plays Tobias, described the appearance of the writers’ room in the following way:

You know the murder scene where they go to the psycho killer’s apartment and he’s got all this crazy s– mapped out? That’s what it looked like. Post-it notes and index cards all across the three walls in this big conference room. Yarn stretching from one thing to another and pinned in one place, and then a sharp angular uptick to the Lucille character and down. And then there’s a different-colored yarn that intersects and weaves in. It took him 25 minutes to explain what I was looking at. And I still didn’t get everything. When you see that, of course it has to be a TV show. There’s no way else to do this.

Arrested Development will release all fifteen episodes of its fourth season on May 26 on Netflix. Looking forward to the new episodes? Expect to get anything else done on May 26 other than watching Netflix (I doubt it)? Let us know in the comments below!