Glee S4 Ep20 – Lights Out

The lights click on and the student body rejoices. Figgins congratulates everyone for not turning to idol worship and rampant cannibalism during the blackout. Round of applause, guys.

Lights out, voices up.

Lights out, voices up.

Before they can plug back in, Will has one more assignment for the kids. This next song will be acapella – just using their voices to create a powerful sound.

Ryder talks to Katie; how about his brilliant plan to share his story with Glee Club? He wanted to see if someone reacted before he spoke, to give away they were Katie. She tries to convince him she’s not in Glee, but he refuses to believe her. Whatever is going on between them – despite the lie – is special to him and it’s still important. She tells him it’s important to her as well. She tells him she’ll ping him in a minute, and then Kitty comes by. She invites him out for another meal, all smiles and without her customary venom. But Ryder can’t go, he’s waiting for Katie to come back.

“How can you pick an online fantasy over a real fantasy?” Kitty asks, clearly hurt by his refusal.

She tries to talk Ryder out of his “relationship” with Katie, and he admits he wants to go with Kitty but… Kitty tells him she doesn’t usually warm to people and she was really starting to like him. Maybe after he figures out stuff with Katie, they can go out, but Kitty shuts him down and walks away.

Katie pings Ryder and he hurries back to the keyboard. Oh, Ryder! It’s going to hurt so badly when you find out who Katie is and realize what you’ve lost in the meantime.

Santana shows up at a NYADA extension class (late – she likes to make an entrance). She’s there to keep the wheels greased, and maybe find out what she wants to do. They begin to dance and little Santana appears and they hug, with Santana promising not to forget her again.

For the longest time, the best way to close out an episode is with a group song!

For the longest time, the best way to close out an episode is with a group song!

As we do with every episode, the New Directions kids get their song on. This week, it’s “For the Longest Time” by Billy Joel! There’s even choreography on the risers! Of course they sound great and look adorable, even as Kitty gives Ryder a few looks as they twirl on the stage. And then focus begins on Artie…

Fade to black and credits, and guys – two episodes left!

This was easily the choppiest episode of the year, with a seriously disjointed feel. The endless “At the Ballet” could have been edited down and more time given to the Becky storyline. Because most of the advertised scenes (in promos and stills) involving her were cut, along with a Blaine/Artie/Sam scene and some sleuthing from Nightbird. It was jarring for the plot to go from the scene with Blaine and Sue – clearly an indicator he was investigating the shooting incident – and Becky’s confession to Figgins with nothing in between.

While I get Santana needs a storyline, the only thing resolved was that she’s going to take a dance class. Was that deserving of both an Isabelle appearance and a seemingly endless song? It didn’t feel like a good use of time this close to the end of the season (or a good use of Sarah Jessica Parker to be honest), especially not when you just dropped a bombshell in Ohio!

The reveal that both Kitty and Ryder were molested was a shock, but it also made a fair amount of sense in terms of the characters’ behavior through the season. I don’t know if the plan is for a Kitty/Ryder romance next season, but it could be very interesting to watch. The resolution of the Catfish story (do we still think it’s Unique?) is going to play a huge part in this for sure.

Tere’s Episode Round-up:

What made me laugh: Bless Coach Roz and Figgins. In their little bits, they were absolutely hilarious.

What made me sniffle: Ryder and Kitty’s confessions were heartbreaking.

What made me side-eye: Will not taking Artie or Sam to task for their ridiculous “high fiving” of Ryder for his abuse confession. Uncool dude. How is there not teacher training for this?

What I’m listening to on repeat:  “For the Longest Time” was great. I also really enjoyed Chord Overstreet on “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’.” 

What I’m looking forward to next week: Mercedes! Stevie Wonder! Burt! Mike! Looks amazing.


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