‘Scream’ to become a series on MTV?

ScreamYep, you read that right. MTV has ordered a one hour pilot based on the Scream film franchise. The pilot is in early stages, so not much is known as to whether the story will follow the same path as the film franchise, or if it’ll take a Teen Wolf approach and veer off on it’s own. The only thing that is known right now is that the director of the films, Wes Craven, is in talks to direct the pilot.

As a huge fan of the original franchise, I’m incredibly wary of this. Mostly because I am incredibly wary of any adaptations MTV creates (have you seen their versions of UK hits Skins or Inbetweeners? Ouch). Craven being involved gives a little more credibility to the project, but it’s really creator Kevin Williamson who needs to be involved if the series wants to capture even an ounce of the magic of the first two films. There’s a reason the 3rd and 4th are pale imitations – Williamson wasn’t the writer, and was only minimally involved.

Still, it’ll be interesting to see the direction they go with his. Teen Wolf has obviously been hugely successful, there’s always a chance they’ll get Scream right.