Revolution S1 Ep14 – The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia

Nora and Charlie know they can’t stop Alec without Miles’ help. They need to break him out of the Atlanta jail. While Charlie is trying to break in to release him, she’s grabbed by Alec in an alleyway. Is she Miles’ new protege? She might want to reconsider that. Alec was once in her shoes, blindingly following Miles in the Militia. And then he got betrayed…

Charlie races to save the day. Again.

Charlie races to save the day. Again.

When Alec realizes who Charlie is, he leaves her with a chilling message. Ask Miles what he did to Rachel.

A helicopter drops leaflets and Alec runs. Charlie reads the notes. Seems like the Monroe Militia is warning of a nuclear event.

Miles is taken to see President Kelly Foster (Leslie Hope) in her office. Monroe has sent her a message: if she doesn’t surrender by midnight, he’s detonating the bomb. Miles begs her to let him go, he can stop Alec. Kelly doesn’t seem too eager; it seems she’s just the latest in a long line of human beings that Miles has screwed over/pissed off/tried to kill/other. He’s convincing, though, because that night he joins Charlie and Nora as they wait in the middle of chaos.

Flashback to nine years after the blackout. Miles welcomes Alec back from a mission with open arms. They embrace, and Alec seems very pleased with his success with a hit in Texas. But Miles hasn’t cracked a smile. It seems Alec’s assassination was more of an attempt. The target lived, and worse, he’s been identified. Since they can’t afford to go to war with Texas, they have no choice but to turn Alec over to them for punishment. Alec begs Miles to help him, but the other man watches silently as he’s dragged away.

At Jane’s house, Rachel searches her office, looking for information. Jane finds her and is angry with the betrayal. Rachel begs her friend to help her – she did so many terrible things to keep Danny alive, and now he’s dead. If she had to do it over, she would have never saved him in the first place. Jane again refuses to sacrifice Beth, but it’s now out of her hands. Her wife has overheard everything and swears she’ll slit her wrists right now if Jane doesn’t give Rachel what she needs. Heartbroken, Jane hands Rachel a notebook, then tells her to get out. And never come back.

Miles finds Alec hiding in a warehouse. He’s hurt and he’s pissed, but he’s also determined to fulfill his duty. And that means blowing up himself and Atlanta as soon as the signal comes. He and Miles argue; isn’t Alec doing what Miles wanted? Being the perfect soldier? That’s what he was taught. It’s all about duty.

The radio crackles to life. It’s Monroe. He tells Alec to detonate the bomb.

Alec and Miles engage in a fight to the death. Between blows, Miles implores the young man to reconsider, but it seems Miles has taught him too well. Without a choice, Miles takes the knife – the one gifted to Alec all those years ago – and kills him.

Later, Miles is a brooding mess. Charlie attempts to ask about what Alec said with regards to Rachel, but Miles has no time for her questions. People who count on him get hurt: it’s that simple.

Miles and Kelly Foster have another tete-a-tete. He gives her the bomb but not the radioactive material, since he assumes (rightly) she’s just going to use it to nuke Monroe. She offers him a deal. She’s about to attack the Republic from the south. How about Miles and his people orchestrate a simultaneous attack from the inside? He doesn’t have the manpower, but that’s okay. She could spare 200 men. 1,000 weapons? Is Miles ready to be called General again?

Okay – all I can think of after this episode is: just how many people has Miles pissed off, and how many of them will he have to kill as the story goes on?

We’ve now moved beyond the borders of Monroe Republic and met the Georgia folks. Will a collaboration between Miles and the gang and President Foster work out? Most importantly: do we trust her?


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