Revolution S1 Ep14 – The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia

Miles and Charlie try to keep a low profile in the Georgia Republic. This does not last long.

Miles and Charlie try to keep a low profile in the Georgia Republic. This does not last long.

Once again, Sebastian Monroe is having a crap day, mostly because someone has betrayed him. It’s a theme. He learns in the first moments of Revolution’s 14th episode “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia”  that Neville and his wife have fled Philadelphia. Oh and by the way? Jason is alive.

Bas has a quiet little breakdown and promptly shoots the messenger for any potential betrayal he was considering. Okay then.

In the woods, a dying messenger reveals his cargo – apparently Monroe has smuggled that nuke over the border into the Georgia Federation, and Miles is pretty sure he’s crazy enough to set it off in the very busy city of Atlanta. He, Nora, and Charlie – who’s never set foot outside of the Monroe Republic – are off to see if they can stop the unknown soldier who’s carrying death and destruction into the other  territory.

Once they enter into Georgia, they discover a cabin full of dead soldiers – spare uniforms gone and a very familiar knife on a table. Miles knows exactly what that means – it’s his knife, a gift years ago to his protege Alec. That means Alec is here, he has the nuke, and this is going to end badly.

Rachel and Aaron tramp through the woods. Aaron is not loving the general sense of doom, gloom and potential death that is hanging over their heads. Rachel would tell him he’s crazy, except two militia guys jump them and threaten to kill them (after they’re “done” with Rachel). Suddenly the ground begins to smoke and both men scream in agony. They burn and writhe and die – and out of the woods comes a woman carrying a red blinking thing in her hand. Her name is Jane and she’s Rachel’s friend.

Elizabeth learns the road is a dangerous place.

Elizabeth learns the road is a dangerous place.

Thank heavens.

Jane isn’t much for polite chit chat. She brings Rachel and Aaron to her home, which she shares with her wife, Beth. The ladies are all happy to see each other, Aaron gets sandwiches, and Rachel takes Jane aside for a private conversation. She needs to get to the Tower and turn on the power. Jane refuses to help – how could Rachel decide to do that? For the power to come on, the nanites will have to be destroyed. Those nanites saved Danny! They’re also keeping Beth – who has stage four cancer – alive, and even Rachel’s reveal that Danny is dead doesn’t sway the other woman. She won’t sacrifice her beloved Beth. She tells Rachel to drop it.

In the hustle and bustle of Atlanta – which has much more wealth than the Monroe Republic – Miles locates Alec in an alleyway. He and his former friend go head to head with some fury. Alec clearly doesn’t have fond memories of Miles, and this goes on and on until an arrow from Charlie’s bow hits Alec in the shoulder. He breaks off the arrow, grabs the nuke, and sprints out of there. The chase is on; Miles confronts him again. Alec isn’t willing to throw any more punches. He grabs a cop and takes him hostage. With Miles trying to talk him down, Alec shoots the cop and pushes him and the gun towards Miles. When the other policemen arrive, they assume Miles killed a cop.

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