Iron Man 3 in the Middle of Ticket Dispute

Iron Man 3 logo

Pepper Potts and Tony StarkOne of the biggest movies coming out this year–and one that has already seen big sales across the world where it’s been released–is unfortunately in the middle of a major ticket dispute in the US. Advanced tickets for Iron Man 3 are currently not on sale at three major theater chains: Regal Entertainment, AMC Entertainment, and Cinamark USA Inc, because Disney is trying to renegotiate how they split ticket sale revenues. Disney apparently wants to take 60-65% of sales as opposed to the usual 50-50 split. Disney refuses to comment on the situation. Are they hoping theaters will give in so as not to miss out on the ticket sales for one of the biggest blockbusters expected this year? We’re not sure, but with the US release date for Iron Man 3 on May 3 looming, they are probably going to face some angry fans if things don’t get straightened out soon.

What do you think about this? Will your Iron Man 3 viewing experience be affected if any of these theaters refuse to give in to Disney’s demands? Is the phrase “give in to Disney’s demands” one you never thought you would hear? Sound off in the comments below!