Glee S4 Ep19 – Sweet Dreams

Coach Roz is back and interrogating Blaine and Becky.

Coach Roz is back and interrogating Blaine and Becky.

Coach Roz makes another appearance, as she invites Blaine and Becky – in Cheerio garb – for a meeting. Frankly, she’s concerned as to why Blaine is co-captain of the cheerleading squad when he’s never actually done a cheer in his life (fair point). It makes sense for Becky to be co-captain, as Roz is convinced that she is actually Sue’s baby daughter Robin (someone as old as Sue would clearly give birth to a teenager), but Blaine? He gets made co-captain, a few weeks later Sue drops her gun twice, and she’s fired?

Fruity voodoo. From Handsome Fruity Fonzie.

In one of the best bits on the show in recent memory, Coach Roz elicits an oath from both of them, complete with her inflections and timing, swearing they won’t use Blaine’s voodoo to put a hex on Roz. Comic gold. Lauren Potter has done a bit of everything this year – comedy, drama, straight man – and she’s been fantastic. More, please.

And what’s this? Becky comes close to breaking when she tries to insist the school shooting wasn’t Sue’s fault. Roz shuts her down, but Blaine is curious. Later in the hallway, he tries to get her to say more about this, but Becky’s got her equilibrium back. She tells gay Blaine to mind his gay business and storms off, kicking over a xylophone. As you do. Blaine’s superhero senses are clearly tingling.

Will Schuster takes a moment to relive his glory days of winning Glee Club awards as a student, only to be interrupted by Finn. They talk, make up, and we can all breathe a sigh of relief that the longest-running couple on Glee is back together. Finn will be helping Mr. Schue with New Directions and getting college credit for his efforts. Only this time around? He’s not fetching dry cleaning and coffee. He’s coming back as an equal in the relationship – he wants to be treated like a fellow teacher. They hug it out.

Next up? Will has to make up with New Directions, all of  whom currently hate him. They stop talking/smiling/having fun when he enters the room so…awkward. He starts off with complimenting Unique and Tina on their outfits, then gives a “hey” to Blaine and Sam (Evan actually – Sam moved to Alaska). No one seems eager to thaw it out.

So Will launches into a speech about how when he was a Glee Club kid, Mrs. Adler – the crazy but lovable teacher – made them all feel so welcome and loved. He apologizes for making them feel like they didn’t have a voice in this room. The cherry on top of the apology? Finn is back! Everyone is so, so happy to see their favorite teacher and glad to hear he’ll be working with Mr. Schue.

Marley’s up and wow, the good news keeps coming. Will is dumping the old set list and wants to hear one of Marley’s songs. Maybe they can use it at Regionals? Marley is overjoyed.

Bushwick! Hey, Kurt’s here! He and Rachel are waiting for her phone to ring; she’s spiraling downwards and he’s stress baking/eating cookies. When the tension is broken by a call, they both almost jump out of their skin. Who is it? The producers! What do they want? To the surprise of no one – Rachel’s got a call back! She and Kurt dance merrily around the kitchen.

One more song to go and it’s an actual Glee orignal – “Outcast.”  Marley starts them off, and is then joined by Jake, Unique, and the rest of the New Directioners for their weekly joyful singing and dancing to end the episode. It’s a fun song but as always, the performance is what leaves you smiling. Will watches them spin around the stage, then finally steps into the group. They form a circle, join hands, and break apart to the last notes of the song. Maybe Will finally gets it? This group doesn’t need to be micromanaged – they just need to be set free!

Okay! Rachel’s on the verge of potential stardom with her dream role, Finn’s finally figured out his path to his dream job, and Marley’s dream has left the false bottom drawer and entered into the light. We seem to be back on track and accelerating towards the finish line of the season. Regionals are coming, graduation plans loom, and everything could be changing. Three episodes left before summer hiatus – whose dream is up for examination next?

Tere’s Episode Round-up:

What made me laugh: Coach Roz, Blaine, and Becky. Doesn’t seem like it would work out to be that funny, but they were terrific.

What made me sniffle: “Don’t Stop Believing” was a sweet moment of nostalgia.

What made me side-eye: Will Schuster’s “different time, different team.” You really live entirely in the past, don’t you?

What I’m listening to on repeat:  Sap alert! I really like “You Have More Friends Than You Know.”

What I’m looking forward to next week: A blackout? The return of Isabelle! And it looks like the Superhero Club is rolling back into action. Let’s go!


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