Glee S4 Ep19 – Sweet Dreams

Rachel and bio mom Shelby communicate via Facebook and duets.

Rachel and bio mom Shelby communicate via Facebook and duets.

After last week’s super intense episode, Glee returns with a mixed bag of storyline threads, clearly setting us up for the final three episodes of the season. With the school year extending into season 5 (and the news that Glee has been renewed for 5 and 6), the musical minions of McKinley and NYADA have so long term plans in the works. And a whole lotta “Sweet Dreams.”

First up? Finn at college! At the newly blinked-into-existence University of Lima, our future teacher is tickled by the hallowed halls of education. He used to think the Army was less scary than college, but now he’s changed his tune. Apparently, all those movies are true! College is a perfect little bubble between being an adult and being a kid…as the students break into the “Harlem Shake” around him.

And? He has his whole life to be an adult. Right now – it’s time for all the fun.

Apparently his dorm’s designation is “Party Hearty,” as he trips through the hallways of frivolity. Finn stumbles into an amazing discovery in his room: Puck! Apparently he relocated Finn’s roommate and took his place. His class load consists of bros, brews, and bountiful Bettys. The boys dance around with glee.

Next up: another voice-over as Rachel Berry cuddles up to her ultimate dream. Broadway is good. But even better is being Fanny Brice on Broadway (the lead in Funny Girl), like her idol, Ms. Barbra Streisand. She’s started the final stage of becoming her idol, with an altar of mementos and pictures of Babs’s many loves. The upcoming audition is the culmination of all her dreams. Since her first childhood viewing of the movie, Rachel felt the kinship with Barbra. Two Jewish girls who sang in the chorus. Two girls with dreams and “star quality” – Rachel is determined to get this part.

Dreams turn to nightmares as Will and Coach Beiste are enjoying pie and coffee in the Teacher’s Lounge. The quiet is broken by the arrival of Coach Roz, who just flew in from North Korea (where she was coaching their swim team with Dennis Rodman) and boy, are her arms tired! She fills the insult void left by Sue’s departure and slams them both. Good news, she’s here to take over the Cheerios (and talking to Oprah about a Cheerios network!). Roz flounces off to terrify more people and the besties return to their java.

Shannon wants to know if Will has talked to Finn, but Will says they’ve grown apart. Darn it, I thought those crazy kids might make it! The coach pushes Will a little – things have to be made right between the two of them. He needs to make the effort.

Voice over number three. Marley Rose – emboldened by the shooting incident – has decided to remove her light from under that bushel. She wants to be a singer-songwriter and introduce her original songs to the world. She’d like to share this exciting news with her friends, but they all seem to be suffering from PTSD and acting strangely. Tina has taken to wearing Steampunk clothes and can’t seem to remember if she’s a Cheerio, Brittany’s considering MIT (string theory, though she’s really not into arts and crafts), and Sam has created a smarter twin brother named Evan who wears glasses and sports an Australian accent.

Clearly, everyone’s feeling a bit out of sorts! Then Marley finds Unique popping birth control pills, thanks to Kitty. Apparently it’s something trans kids are doing to turn those B’s into D’s.

All Marley wants to do is have them sing one of her songs for Regionals. It would be a dream come true! But first she has to work up the courage to be heard in the middle of chaos.

Time for class! Theme for this year’s Regionals: Dreams! (Not sweaters, sorry Brittany)

Given the past incidences of drunk/stupid/crazy judges, Mr. Schue thinks they should play it straight and literal. Three songs with “dreams” in the title! Marley frowns; she doesn’t know those songs. Maybe they could try originals again, like they did two years ago? Mr. Schue says, “different time, different team” and doesn’t seem too interested in anything but his playlist. Marley points out that when Finn was there…

Wrong move. Now Will is pissed and shuts everyone down.

In the auditorium, Blaine, as “honorary Rachel,” and his gavel start the secret Glee Club Meeting. Sam and Evan “switch” places as Blaine gets down to business. Mr. Schue has lost his mind, clearly, because that set list is older than all of them and it’s going to lose them Regionals. They have to do something about it – like sing current songs. Marley sees another chance to make her pitch for an original song, but Kitty shoots down her ideas (no one wants to hear a song about a fat mom. Or barfing). The meeting moves on. Marley tucks her songs away once again.

Back at U of Lima, there’s a slip ‘n’ slide in the hallway, topless girls, and shenanigans! Finn and Puck are in boy heaven. (There’s even grilled cheese! This place is perfect!) Into the merriment comes Mr. Schue, who wants to apologize to Finn and get him to come back to McKinley to help run Glee club. Whatcha say? Well, Finn has food, girls, frivolity, and invites to the hottest frat party on campus. He gives Mr. Schue a sandwich then dives in to the madness. Thanks, but no thanks.

Mr. Schue is sad.

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