Before Midnight Trailer and Release Date

before midnight featured image

before midnight featured imageBefore Midnight just keeps sneaking its news under the radar.  First, production wrapped before it was even announced.  This time, the trailer for the film, along with an opening date, have been released to little fanfare.  I don’t even think the film has an official website.  But all of that suits the feel of the now-trilogy just fine.

Before Midnight takes place nine years after Before Sunset just as that film took place nine years after the original Before Sunrise.  Even more has changed since the last time, however.  To get a glimpse, check out the trailer below.

We already knew that Before Midnight would see Jesse and Celine in Greece, but I certainly was not expecting the couple’s domesticity. It fits, though, as just as natural of a progression for their relationship as their prior nine-year silence.  They’ve both continued to grow up.  And not everything’s different – the two are as chatty as ever.  Although the trailer implies they’ve hit a bit of a rough patch, I have this to say: any couple that communicates this much has a good chance at working through their problems.

Before Midnight hits theaters in the U.S. on May 24.  Excited?  Curious?  Let us know in the comments below.