Game of Thrones Season 3 Recap Mania – Part 1

Need to catch up on the stories of Westeros?  Look no further!  We have everything you need right here.  We’re going to do this quickly, so do try to keep up, lovely people!  (If you would like to read this in a newscaster’s voice or the recap voice often used on Glee, you may).

Game of Thrones, RM P1 - Brienne and Jaime“Dark Wings, Dark Words” (Episode 2) — Announcing new characters, Jojen and Meera Reed!  We don’t know what to make of them just yet, but fresh faces are always welcome.  The divide between Cersei and Joffrey grows larger in this episode, as Margaery Tyrell takes her toll.  Lady Olenna, Margaery’s grandmother, calls Sansa to take the air with her and her granddaughter in the garden.  They should really call her Lady Sassypants, because this woman does not hold back.  And it is because of Sansa’s encounter with this woman that the floodgates finally open.  It’s been a long time coming for Sansa Stark and she desperately needed it.  Lady Stark believes she brought a curse upon her family.  Talk about having a chip on your shoulder.

Tarly, too.  Boy is having a rough time of it.  Arya and her merry band of adventurers come across the Brotherhood without Banners.  Shae’s banter with Tyrion is absolutely hysterical.  I continue to be a firm supporter of Team Shyrion.  Did I mention that Theon is being tortured by mysterious assailants this entire time?  Quite unpleasant.  Never fear, though.  Turns out his sister has an inside man and there’s going to be a great escape.  Bran Stark is a warg!  How cool is that?!  Arya spars with Thoros of Myr (the supposed leader of the Brotherhood without Banners) in a tavern and loses handily.  As the children prepare to leave, some members of the Brotherhood show up with The Hound as a prisoner.  Of course, the brute reveals her true identity immediately.  This installment concludes with an epic sword battle between Brienne of Tarth and Jaime Lannister.  Brienne is the clear winner, but her victory is quickly spoiled by approaching horsemen.  They are both taken prisoner, with the intention of returning them to the King of the North.

Need a water break?  Too bad.  No pain, no gain.  Onward, my friends!

Game of Thrones, RM P1 - Pod“Walk of Punishment” (Episode 3) — Robb Stark makes battle plans at Riverrun after the funeral of his grandfather, and we see him becoming a much darker character as the war goes on.  Lord Tywin Lannister, acting as the Hand of the King, calls a council meeting.  He names Tyrion as the kingdom’s Master of Coin, in charge of all the city’s finances.  It seems that Tyrion may have been given the position just so he would stay out of everyone else’s hair.  If we know anything at all about Tyrion Lannister, such business will not distract him, and he’ll be sure to keep a sharp eye out for shady business of any kind.  The odd companionship between Brienne and Jaime blooms further.  He actually shows concern for her as he warns her of the possibility of rape, since they’ve been taken captive.

Hot Pie leaves the gang and decides to stay at the inn.  Gendry and Arya take off with the Brotherhood after saying goodbye.  We meet the two Lannister boys who were taken captive by Robb’s troops.  Further North, the wildlings have decided to take the war to The Wall and the Night’s Watch.  Meanwhile, the Crows seek refuge with Craster, the man who weds his daughters and leaves his sons to die.  Tarly discovers that Craster has impregnated Gilly, and sadly the child is a boy, which can only mean one fate for the newborn.  Theon Greyjoy is freed from his prison and he rides to meet his sister.  Melisandre leaves Stannis Baratheon to go off on a mission of some kind, but she promises to return soon.  He clearly is bewitched by her and has fallen completely to her charms. 

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