Orphan Black S1 Ep2 and Ep3

All right party peoples and the place to be, I overslept. My dog ate my homework. Hackers came in and stole my assignment. Okay, fine. The reason I’m doing two reviews at once, though in chronological order, is because I kinda forgot about it. Sorry. Won’t happen again, I promise.

When we last left Sarah/Beth there was a dead German clone, Katya, of her in the back seat of her car, blood and brains all over the inside, and a ringing cell phone. Yeah. That’s a start. I’m really liking how not only does the show end on jaw-dropping cliff hangers, but it picks right up where we left off in the thick of it. Like some Jason Bourne comic book.

Anyways, Sarah answers the phone and, no surprise, the voice on the other end sounds just like her. Which, now that I think about it, Sarah probably doesn’t realize is her own voice talking back to her, because you never realize what your voice sounds like unless it’s on a recording. They agree to meet up, and the voice tells Sarah as Beth that she should bury the body but to get hair and blood samples beforehand. The voice also clues Sarah onto the fact that someone is out there killing them. Great phone call.

Orphan Black headache

Now post-body-bury and car-clean-up, Sarah gets back into the swing of being Beth. The rest of the episode basically happens as follows: Sarah preps for Beth’s review on the killing of a civilian, because Beth’s partner Art is holding the money she wants and won’t give it back to her until she’s reinstated. Felix goes to Mrs. S to clear up that Sarah isn’t dead, and Mrs. S drops some subtle clues about Sarah’s past and how her daughter Kira is a “gift.” Later on, Sarah gets a call from the voice that she needs the German’s briefcase from her hotel room, which gives us a great scene of Sarah playing a snooty German. At the same time it gives us a glimpse at how deadly serious this conspiracy is, in the trashed hotel room littered with shaved Barbie heads and overly highlighted Bibles.

The twist of the episode is when Sarah tracks down who she thinks is her caller in suburbia. Turns out, it’s a bitchy soccer mom version of herself! This gives actress Tatiana Maslany another chance to show how chameleonesque her acting is by becoming a totally believable overwound perfectionist.

The episode is very action-lite, but it does deepen the reality of the world Sarah is now living in. She has to learn to be a cop, at least to pass her review, and we see a bit of her own natural talent for conning in the scene with her therapist. At the same time, this episode didn’t up the ante. But hold on to your butts, because where this episode ends is where the other begins: Sarah meeting back up with soccer mom only to find out there is a dreadlocked-glasses-wearing version of her as well. Huh? But? What?

Where the second episode was all about establishing the world and relationships of the characters, the third brings you what you came for: clone versus clone action. Because what kind of show would this be if the clones didn’t like each other or fight? A boring one, is the answer.

orphan black alison and cosima

And that’s what happens in the third episode. It becomes painfully clear that Soccer Mom, aka Alison, and Sarah do not like each other. A nature vs. nurture argument is half-heartedly given as an explanation. Mediating the tension is the dreadlock-and-glasses clone Cosima. From here the mystery/conspiracy just takes off and won’t let down. Alison and Cosima start asking Sarah who she is, what happened to Beth, if Sarah knows who her parents are, how she got to America. Then Alison drops the “c” word. Yeah, I know. She explains that they’re all clones and they don’t know who the original is, and that they’re all being killed off.

By this time Felix, who has been waiting in the car, accidentally stumbles upon the clone club and now knows pretty much everything Sarah does. Minus Katya’s head exploding in the backseat of her car.

Later Sarah, posing as Beth, tries to get the money back from Art at the station, when she gets reinstated and given an assignment to go with it. Sarah is none too thrilled, because now she has to play buddy cop for the day just to get her money. Well, she’s even less than thrilled when the crime scene is the quarry where she buried Katya’s body. If this show is teaching us anything, it’s if you’re going to kill your clone make sure no one finds the body.

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