Fox’s “Glee” Renewed for Two More Seasons!

Settle in Gleeks! We have more music coming our way!

Settle in Gleeks! We have more music coming our way!

As each new list of renewed shows began popping up, fans of Fox’s musical dramedy Glee were waiting with baited breath. Everything said it was guaranteed but with it being the last scripted program at Fox to get the green light, Gleeks were getting concerned. Though its renewal was all but certain – no way was Fox letting go of that cash cow and high performer in key demographics – the longer the negotiations dragged on, the more worried everyone became.

What was holding up the renewal? Were Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Ian Brennan (the trio who created the show, and still write and produce) going to be out? Were Fox higher-ups upset with the direction the storyline has veered in the last couple months, with Graduation of this years seniors seemingly obviously pushed off into the next season?

Well, it seems the reason is now clear. Fox and the producers weren’t looking at just a one year renewal. They were working on two years!

That’s right kids. Keep those dancing shoes handy. Glee is now renewed through Spring 2015. So of course, now it’s time to speculate just what the show will look like.

Season 4 saw the introduction of a split narrative after much of the original cast was graduated from McKinley at the end of Season 3, with some characters moving to a new New York storyline, and new characters introduced at McKinley. The success of the split narrative is arguable, as the Lima storyline is thriving, while the New York side of things appeared to be dwindling in screen time and storylines as the season wore on.

Now we’re just three episodes from the summer hiatus, and knowing we have two seasons worth of stories (and songs) to fill, where could it be going?

Glee - Rachel BerryIn Lima, the story of (new) New Directions will continue, as Regionals and hopefully Nationals loom. There’s also prom and a new crop of Seniors to graduate – where will they end up? Blaine seems destined to be New York bound, Artie may be heading to film school and Brittany to MIT. That leaves Sam and Tina with unknown futures. The question seems to be – which of these seniors will be kept as regulars and which will be reduced to occasional guest spots on the show? Who do you want to see stick around?

For New York, not a lot of infrastructure has been established. With Brody gone, and Cassandra July (Kate Hudson) and Isabelle (Sarah Jessica Parker) making only a handful of appearances, there isn’t much going on in the Big Apple. With the addition of Santana to the loft, things certainly got a lot more energetic and snarky; soon we’ll learn what Ms. Lopez will be doing to get her star on. Rachel seems poised to join the ranks of Broadway Babies as she gets her call back for “Funny Girl”. Will she get the star-making lead and orbit out of NYADA? Kurt got into his dream school and seems to be working at as well. His love life is up in the air, though the announcement of a “gay marriage” storyline for next season has given us some hints on what he might be up to!

Glee - Klaine & Mercedes, and MikeLast week it was announced that television icons Patty Duke and Meredith Baxter were being cast as a long-time lesbian couple, who would be acting as mentors for Blaine and Kurt in season 5. The stars are set to recur in these roles, with Ms. Duke making a quick appearance in the season finale, when she meets Blaine during a very special shopping expedition. It may give a clue about what the future holds for “Klaine”, who appear to be orbiting back towards each other after a season apart.

Show runner Ryan Murphy has spoken of keeping characters in one place, while still maintaining the split narrative. If Rachel gets her big part, can she help to find room for Kurt and Santana on the Great White Way? Can Glee do “Smash” better than Smash could? What will her success – and Finn’s role as student teacher in Lima – mean for the future of Finchel?

Let’s hear your predictions! What can we look forward to in the next two seasons of Glee? What songs do you want to hear? Tell us!