‘Doctor Who’s’ 7th Series gets a Finale Title & a whole slew of new art

The BBC has been hiding the title of the Series 7 Doctor Who finale for months, and now we know why.

‘The Name of The Doctor’

Well then. That’s kind of huge. Though this is Doctor Who, and the chances that there are a major twist to this are astronomical. I’m willing to bet we’ll get nothing more than a visual of the name in Gallifreyan (though we may have already seen it on the cradle in Series 6, there’s no confirmation of that). But still, this definitely gives us something interesting to talk about in the coming weeks.

Doctor Who - The Name of The Doctor


Along with this major reveal, we got a slew of new posters for the final episodes of the series.

Doctor Who - Journey To The Center of the TARDIS

Doctor Who - The Crimson Horror

Doctor Who - Nightmare In Silver

Doctor Who airs on BBC One and BBC America on Saturdays, with the finale due to air on 18th May.