A Blast from the Past for Supernatural: An Old Flame Returns

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Sam-and-Dean-at-the-crossroads-with-demon-trapSupernatural is nearing the end of its eighth season and the producers are promising the usual twists and turns we’ve come to expect. Plus, we’ll also being seeing some characters that haven’t been around for years. We know one surprise returning character for sure and another who fans might be able to guess. Spoilers ahoy!

Remember way back in season one, that episode about the haunted painting (“Provenance”)? Sam fell for the lovely Sarah Blake, played by Taylor Cole, but we never saw her again after that. Well, now we will! Taylor Cole has been confirmed to appear once again as her one-time character (and rare surviving love interest of Sam). Her role will be connected to the trials, and “not in a very good way,” according to show-runner Jeremy Carver. And there will also be another “blast from the past” going even further back. Who could that possibly be? My first thought would be Jess, but since she’s popped up now and again on the show throughout its run, that wouldn’t be such a surprise. How about Lori Sorenson (Jane McGregor) from “Hookman”?

Carver also promises some interesting changes in store for Crowley in relation to the resolution of the trial story arc. He said:

Inevitably, this is all leading to a big conclusion with Crowley. I think we’re going to see Crowley rising to a new level of ruthlessness we haven’t seen before in order to defend himself and his kingdom, as it were. I think we’re going to see Crowley presented with a new twist on things that will effect him forever, as well.

Supernatural returns Wednesday, April 24, with “Pac-Man Fever.” Looking forward to the final episodes? Can’t wait to see what the writers have in store? Let us know in the comments below!