Ray Bradbury’s Catalog Finally Hits An E-Reader Near You

Ray BradburyRay Bradbury was famous for his hatred of technology, the internet, and his fierce determination to keep his works from being published in a digital format. He relented only for his most famous work, Farenheit 451, when is meant he could also renew the rights to the hardcover version of the book.

And then he died a year ago, and his heirs got hold of the catalog.

Now today marks the first of a wave of publications of Bradbury’s works in e-book format. In a press release Alexandra Bradbury, one of his four daughters, said, “The entire Bradbury family is excited to know that Dad’s work will finally be available to all readers: traditional print readers and the new generation of digital readers.” We’ll refrain from commenting on the authors wishes here, shall we?

Here’s the release dates, and which books will be published on each date:

April 16Bradbury SpeaksDeath Is a Lonely BusinessA Graveyard for LunaticsNow and ForeverOne More for the RoadGreen Shadows, White Whale.

April 23Dandelion WineSomething Wicked This Way ComesWe’ll Always Have Paris.

April 30The Illustrated ManQuicker Than the EyeDriving BlindThe October CountryThe Cat’s PajamasLet’s All Kill ConstanceA Medicine for Melancholy and Other Stories.

Another 7 books will be released later this year.

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