Hannibal S1 Ep1 РAp̩ritif

Hannibal opened with an intriguing bang, and I mean this in a very literal sense.  The crime-solving aspect of the show reveals itself immediately in the form of a murder.  What makes our protagonist, Special Investigator Will Graham, different from all the others is a particularly unique personality disorder that allows htim to put himself in the killer’s shoes.  We are led to believe his disorder shares a great likeness with Asperger’s and other types of autism.

Hannibal, S1 Ep1 - Will Graham“This is my design.”  Yes, it’s a seemingly normal phrase, but put it in the context of the opening sequence and it proves to be a haunting utterance.  This is what Graham says as he puts himself in the mind of a murderer.  He clears away the extraneous details of his surroundings, and proceeds to go through all the steps of a human willing to kill, but solely within his mind.  What’s the motivation?  Why this method?  Why this victim?  These are all questions he poses internally to reach a plausible conclusion.  And the way they filmed it was brilliant.  Excellent hook for the new viewers.  It definitely caught my attention.

I am curious when it comes to that bright light, though.  When he attempts to zero in on the important particulars of a scene, a bar of light sweeps across the screen and clears away the unnecessary bits in view.  Oh, that’s cool.  What is that?  A lightsaber?  I’m really hoping it has some sort of significance for Graham, and that they weren’t just trying to fascinate the audience with something shiny. 

Now, I know this may seem quite silly, but one of my favorite parts of the episode was when Graham picked up the dog on the side of the road.  This was a simple way to humanize our hero, and it actually makes a lot of sense.  Animal-assisted therapy is a practice often used to help those with autism.  When he introduces the new stray to all of his canines at home, he appears to be happy for the first time in the episode.

Hannibal, S1 Ep1 - LecterLook at me!  I’m Dr. Hannibal Lecter!  I’ma chop up yo’ lungs!  You know, I was waiting for it to happen.  You see him eating his meal and you’re supposed to assume it’s people meat, but I was wondering if that was as far as they were going to take it.  They warn you about violence before the show begins, but I wasn’t sure if that included graphic images or not.  Typical violence on any other show involves shooting and stabbing, and that’s pretty much all there is to it.  Not on Hannibal, though.  They can be graphic without being violent.  A scene that sent me into shock?  When he’s chopping up the lungs like he’s preparing a chicken dinner.  Lecter made it look like it was as normal as breathing.  If your mouth didn’t hang open a little during that scene, modern media has desensitized you too much.

Basically, this show is off to a great start.  You should tune in again, because if the second episode is anything like the first, you have a lot to look forward to.


Missed the pilot?  You can catch it again on Amazon Instant Video.

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