Revolution S1 Ep13 – The Song Remains The Same

Someone has better luck getting into the room where Tom is being held: Jason. Father and son have a charged conversation as Jason tries to get some truth out of his father. But not about the rebel plans. Jason did everything his father ever wanted, tried to be what he wanted, killed for him, and yet? He’s never felt his father approved of him. Tom swears he did it to protect Jason from the violence out there – he wanted Jason to be tough and strong. Jason scoffs at this. But then Tom tries another tact. If he doesn’t complete this mission, Monroe will kill Julia. That gets Jason’s attention. He agrees to free his father, and then they’ll go complete the mission. Where is this mission? Tom spills the beans and that’s when Jason opens the door to reveal Miles and company waiting and listening. Whoops! Looks like Jason is firmly in the rebel camp now.

Neville is furious. As he’s shackled to the chair once again, he spits out that Julia’s blood is now on Jason’s hands.

Randall and Monroe discuss Neville’s AWOL status. Gosh, he’s sorry to be right about Tom, says Randall. No worries – he’s glad to make the pick-up himself. After all, he’s there to serve Monroe. Seriously, I hope Bas checks his back for knives every time this guy leaves the room.

Miles has some begrudging words for Jason back at the Rebel Camp. He really came through. Jason doesn’t have time to revel in the glow of Miles’s appreciation – his father is a lying jerk but he’s right about Julia being in danger. Miles says they’ll save her, but Jason knows that’s just lip service.

They’re off to the location of the pick-up – a cement plant in Finley. Charlie is going with the team and Rachel stays behind, promising not to kill Neville. Jason and Charlie walk together; he lets her know that Danny’s heroism – and death – inspired many of the Rebels, including bringing in many new recruits. Charlie seems quietly pleased by this.

Charlie kicks ass. As per usual.

Charlie kicks ass. As per usual.

Back at the Rebel Camp, Neville tells the reverend/Rebel Leader he wants to make a confession. Predictably, the man isn’t convinced by Tom’s pious act, but is eventually one over by his sincerity. Of course Tom has already loosened the cuffs and when they get close, quickly kills the guard. Then he turns the machete on the reverend. He asks for forgiveness, right before he guts the man.

Wow. Then he walks out the door, free and full of desperation.

At the cement factory, the Rebels arrive to find the place surrounded by Randall and the Militia. They sneak up but are found out pretty quickly; a fire fight breaks out between the two groups. Jason, Charlie, and Miles do some pretty serious damage before Randall and his men are driven off. The rebels suffer serious casualties, but things go from bad to oh damn inside…

In Philly, Julia is hosting a “Real Housewives of the Militia” tea when Neville bursts into the house. She kicks the ladies out and follows Tom upstairs where he’s frantically packing. Monroe’s men are coming for them – and they’re leaving, now.

Back at the camp, it’s all bad news. Schematics from the cement factory and the fact that Randall ran from the plant with a briefcase point to the revelation that Monroe now has a nuclear device. No one has much to say after that – sticks and stones aren’t going to do much good against that level of mass destruction. Rachel has only one option now – going to The Tower and turning the power back on. Miles tries to stop her, but she’s determined. She tearfully asks him to take care of Charlie – better than he took care of her. Then they crash into each other, kissing and grabbing at each other. Whoa.

Rachel and Aaron say their goodbyes to the Rebels. Charlie cries, asking her mother for some small reassurance she’ll see her again. But Rachel tells her she’s not a kid. And Rachel won’t lie to her.

Wow. So no flashbacks this week, but we got a big reveal. Several actually – what the heck went on between Rachel and Miles in the past?! Might Charlie be getting a gigantic bombshell on where to address her next Father’s Day card? Just a guess!

So what’s next? Will Rachel and Aaron make it to The Tower? Will the Rebels be able to hold off the Militia? Will Neville and Julia escape Philly? Will Jason and Charlie ever move past just staring at each other? We shall see!


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