Revolution S1 Ep13 – The Song Remains The Same

Learning new skills. Like a boss.

Learning new skills. Like a boss.

Most shows with deep mythologies usually take much longer to impart the big info, but it’s only episode 13 of Revolution‘s freshman season and we’ve got some pivotal reveals to take us through until the final cliffhanger. “The Song Remains The Same” gets some truth from Rachel, side-switching, and a new mission for two of our heroes.

The Militia Headquarters in Philly continues to be a bastion of joy and trust. Only not at all. Crazy Randall has Bas’s ear. Bas is still moody and brooding and looking to kill lots of people. Neville just doesn’t feel welcome anymore! He is about to undertake a big secret mission to pick up something important – and no one seems too convinced he’s going to succeed. Back at home, Julia begs him to let her contact Jason but Tom refuses. If Monroe finds out that Jason is alive – and worse, a traitor – they’ll all be killed.

Back at the Rebel camp, Rachel finally tells Aaron (and the audience) how/why the power went out. Back at The Tower, when the military strike was ordered, molecule-sized machines were released into air. They can only do two things: absorb electricity and replicate themselves. Something went wrong and they did both – in a totally world-ending sort of way. Now an untold number inhabit the air all around the world. Rachel was on the team that invented them.  Aaron tells Rachel she has to go back to The Tower and fix this horrible mistake, but Rachel isn’t sure that can be done. Plus, it’s a suicide mission.

Neville is grooving in the Humvee, listening to Lionel Ritchie, on his way to his big mission. Small problem? A kaboom and a flipping Humvee and Tom crawls out of the wreckage to a most unwelcome sight – Miles and Charlie, armed and pissed the hell off.

Miles "interrogates" Neville.

Miles “interrogates” Neville.

So Tom Neville is tied up and heavily guarded in a place with two camps – one wants to kill him now and one wants to torture him for information until he cries. Miles is in the latter camp, while Rachel just sees the man who killed her husband and kidnapped Danny. Miles is well aware of those things, but Neville has too much information to wrestle out of him before they get personal. He wants to know why Tom was traveling with 30 pounds of loose diamonds. Neville would rather talk about Danny – such a shame he’s dead. He goes on a little too long, taunting Miles until there is much snapping and much punching. Miles loses it and Tom smiles through the blood. Chink in the armor? Duly noted.

Charlie is hanging outside the Rebel camp when a new group arrives to join them. And who’s in the thick of it – Jason Neville! Apparently he joined another camp after Charlie turned him down. She tries to stop him from going inside, but Jason is well aware of who’s inside. He’s there to see his father. Miles joins the duo and reinforces the “no way in hell” of that happening. Jason delivers a punch to Miles’s jaw – that’s for locking his mom in a closet after terrorizing her. Miles offers to bash in his boy band face if he sniffs around his dad. To which Jason says (to Charlie): “What’s a boy band?”

People, in this future, there are no boy bands!? Pros and cons, pros and cons.

Making doe eyes at each other, shooting bad guys side by side. Welcome to dating in the future.

Making doe eyes at each other, shooting bad guys side by side. Welcome to dating in the future.

Jason may be held at bay from seeing Neville, but Rachel won’t be stopped. She tries to lie her way past the guard but when that doesn’t work, she knocks him out and prepares to kill her husband’s murder. But Charlie arrives to slow her roll. Listen, Charlie is just waiting for the moment to send Tom to his maker, but before that? They need information. Rachel walks away, only to run into Miles. She asks him “in what world are you better for Charlie than I am” and bursts into tears.

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