Andrew Lloyd Webber Producing ‘School of Rock’ for the Stage

School of RockIn an interview on CBC Radio Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber, the man behind Phantom of the Opera and Evita, announced that he’s acquired the stage rights to Richard Linklater’s film and plans to bring it to the stage.

School of Rock, the 2003 film starring Jack Black, tells the story of a rocker who poses as a substitute teacher, and then attempts to turn his class into a band. Lord Lloyd Webber told Jian Ghomeshi that he intends to keep some of the original AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, and The Who from the original soundtrack, but would likely add a bit of his own in as well. “There may be songs for me in it, but it’s also got songs in it as it stands,” said the composer.

But School of Rock, the musical, is a bit of a ways off, as Lord Lloyd Webber announced in the interview that his next production is to be Steven Ward, and is based on a 1963 police scandal called the ‘Profumo Affair.’