Misfits Ending After Season 5

new misfits cast

It’s time for another round of Good News and Bad News.  The Good News is that Misfits is coming back for season 5, but the Bad News is that season 5 will be its last.  Channel 4, the parent company that airs the show, announced this week that Misfits is ending after the next season.

Because this is British television and British television tends not to announce air dates very far in advance, we don’t know exactly when the show will be back for its last season, beyond “late autumn.”  I’m guessing the end of October, as that’s been the pattern for the past couple of years.

new misfits castJoseph Gilgun (Rudy), Karla Crome (Jess), Nathan McMullen (Finn), Natasha O’Keeffe (Abby), and Matt Stokoe (Alex) will all be back for season 5.  When the series opens, the characters are marking the first anniversary of the storm that gave them super powers (has it really only been a year, Misfits-time, since the storm?  Weird).  A support group starts up on the estate, to help people cope with their strange abilities and the fact that most of them really kind of suck.

Any guesses as to who will be the first misfit to join up?

That’s right, it’s the super-sensitive Rudy 2.  At the group, where he learns of people with the ability to transform into a turtle, shag the powers out of someone else, or to knit visions of the future (that last one feels nabbed right from Heroes, only a bit funnier), he sees a very different and strange vision of the future for him and his fellow orange jumpsuits.

It sounds like the last season is off to a promising start.  I am sad to see the show go, although I haven’t been as into it ever since Nathan, and then all of the other original cast members, left.  I also can’t say I’m surprised the show is ending; Howard Overman must be busy with his new Atlantis series, and there’s also that Misfits movie he teased.  I wonder where the movie will fit in to the show’s overall narrative.

Sad to see Misfits go?  Think the timing is right?  Let us know in the comments below.