Game of Thrones S3 Ep1 – Valar Dohaeris

Last season left us with a glimpse of the truly frightening, fully evolved White Walkers.  For the first time, we saw the full extent of their numbers and quickly understood that they had the power to make any house in the land of Westeros fearful.  Fairly enough, season three begins in the same fashion.  The first seven seconds caught my attention immediately.  Seven seconds of a black screen, terrified screaming, and the clanging of steel on steel.  What a way to start.  Poor Tarly, though.  The boy can’t catch a break.  He should just kidnap Gilly and move halfway across the world where he might possibly be happy.  This is all wishful thinking, of course.

Game of Thrones, S3 Ep1 - Jon SnowYou often see memes on the internet using Ygritte’s now famous line, “You know nothing, Jon Snow.”  Well, apparently he knows something because he met the King Beyond the Wall and managed not to have his heart carved out by the scary axe man.  I have to admit that sometimes Jon isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, but that was some fast thinking on his part.  However, that was not the highlight of visiting the wildlings’ encampment.  When they finally unveiled the dragons at the end of season one, I thought they’d have nothing cooler to show me.  Then they showed me an army of White Walkers and they were totally awesome.  Now, we’ve spied a giant.  Maybe not the most fantastical thing we’ve seen to date, but there’s definitely a lot of bone-crushing potential!

Game of Thrones, S3 Ep1 - Tyrion and BronnCan I gush over Peter Dinklage for a second?  Honestly, he deserves to be gushed over.  He portrays one of the most dynamic characters on the show and he is without a doubt one of the cast’s best actors.  Lord Tyrion went from being the potential savior of the Lannisters’ claim to the iron throne, all the way down to the lowest of the low on the Lannister food chain.  Just when you think he’s about to gain some much-deserved recognition he has it all ripped away from him violently.  What’s worse?  His own father did the ripping.  Tyrion leads the men into battle as Joffrey runs away with his tail between his legs, and you have the gall to refuse him Casterly Rock?  You’re the Hand of the King.  He’s your son.  Throw him a bone.  Also, am I the only one who wanted to see Bronn tussle with those two knights?  He brought a dagger to a sword fight, and he’s probably the only one who could pull off a win given those circumstances.

Robb, I think it’s time to stop putting your mother in various jail cells across the land.  She is remorseful and there is literally nothing else she can screw up.  Her imprisonment has no point, besides the satisfaction of those who are vengeful due to the Kingslayer’s release.  Lady Stark realizes her mistake, so please stop treating her like she’s some terrible criminal.

Melisandre, I don’t like you.  I don’t like your style.  I really didn’t like it when you gave birth to a creepy, shadow man-baby last season.  Go away.

Shae is one of my new favorite people.  Sansa, this is dumb.  Ships are dumb.  It’s going to Volantis because of reasons.  She’s really developing as a character and I hope the show allows her to grow even more.  If Sansa does manage to make it back to her loving mother with the help of Lord Baelish (despite his shadiness), I hope Shae goes with her.  We’ve seen her consistently in the company of Tyrion and Sansa, but I think she could strike up a great friendship with Talisa.

Game of Thrones, S3 Ep1 - Margaery TyrellYou know, I was nervous when Margaery Tyrell said she wanted to be the Queen.  She sounded like the rest of them, power hungry and selfish.  I am so glad I’ve been proven wrong thus far.  Stopping at orphanages?  Giving the little ones hope?  Being nice?  It’s everything I’ve always wanted and more!  True kindness is a rarity on Game of Thrones.  Needless to say, I am taking a Pro-Margaery stance.  She’s compassionate and clever.  It’s clear that Cersei is wary of her because it seems like she might be able to drive a wedge between mother and son.  Joffrey even appears to be a bit nicer now because of this new woman’s influence.  DRIVE THE WEDGE!  MAR-GAE-RY!  MAR-GAE-RY!  MAR-GAE-RYYYYY!

Sadly, it doesn’t look like the Warlocks of Qarth will simply leave our Daenerys alone.  Look!  The little girl wants to play!  Oh, wait… never mind.  She wants to kill.  I’m hoping that sometime in the future good magic users will come into the story.  So far our only prominent examples of magic come from the Red Woman and the warlocks.  Maybe kind supernatural wonders don’t exist in Westeros.

Overall, I think this season opener was solid.  It was right to withhold information concerning Arya.  You don’t want to give everything away from the start.  Leave a bit to the imagination and let the anticipation build.  I like that Barristan Selmy is back in the mix, though I don’t think Ser Jorah likes the idea of having to share his Khaleesi.  Either way, it was a strong beginning for a strong series.