‘Arrested Development’ Season 4 Gets A Release Date & Poster

Arrested Development is one of those shows that everyone apparently loved, but nobody watched. It was well reviewed, critically acclaimed, and yet the numbers were just never there. So after three seasons, it was canceled by Fox.

And then the rest of us discovered it.

I’ll admit to being one of those latecomers. Someone who bought all three series in the bargain bin on Black Friday at Best Buy. Then within a few days I’d gobbled up the entire series and joined the rest of the universe in lamenting it’s demise and wishing there was more hilarity in my future. It probably helps that I grew up on the border of Orange County, California, and so know exactly the kind of people this show was poking fun at. But considering my very Welsh husband also enjoyed the show, it’s definitely not just for us So-Cali natives.

So it was with great rejoicing that the news that Netflix would make a fourth series of the show. And finally, we have a date to be counting down to.

Arrested Development - Season 4 Poster26th May, 2013.

Now in the spirit of Netflix’s burgeoning TV production arm, this isn’t going to be your standard 15 episode season run. They’ll be following the model they created with House of Cards, with the entire series being available at once.

But of course, Michael Hurwitz had to throw in another twist. All 15 parts will run concurrently, following different characters and their storylines all happening at the same time. As Jason Bateman told Empire’s Podcast, “[15] episodes, all separate, with each character getting their own episode, but all the action happens simultaneously. So you can stop my episode at the very moment that, say, Gob rides by on his Segway and then click into his episode and follow him.”

Sounds confusing, but also genius for this cast of characters who you really do want to watch for every minute of their wacky adventures.

Bateman adds that he thinks this is part one of a 3-part story, with parts 2 and 3 to eventually be delivered in an as yet unconfirmed film. Fingers are firmly crossed.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with the Bluth’s, time to order your DVDs from Amazon now so you can get caught up before the 4th Series premieres.