Special Release of Iron Man 3 for China

Iron Man 3 movie logo

Pepper Potts and Tony StarkFor fans of Iron Man who live in China, a special version of the upcoming sequel, Iron Man 3, will be released in Chinese theaters. Scenes shot in Beijing featuring notable locations and other things appealing to local taste will be added to the version shown in China, including scenes with Chinese star Fan Bingbing, who will also appear in X-Men: Days of Future Past. This is all part of Disney’s attempts to build a strong relationship with China for future productions.

It’s an interesting move, releasing a different version to appeal to the audience of a specific country. Though you could say that they have long been making films that appeal specifically to western audiences and it’s only fair in a world with increasing globalization to start taking into account the desires and opinions of other countries  but the fact that they’re releasing two versions is unusual. Will Disney do the same for other upcoming films? We can only speculate.

Iron Man 3 will be released April 26 in the UK and May 3 in the US. What do you think about Disney’s move to make a different version of the film? Let us know in the comments below!