Garbage Hope to Release 6th Album as Early as Next Year

When you’re a Garbage fan, and have been since the beginning, one thing you get used to doing is waiting. Even before the 7 year break between Bleed Like Me and Not Your Kind Of People, it was common for the band to take well over a year to write and record an album. And that’s not including the time they spent on tour promoting the last one. So waiting is just a thing you expect to do.

GarbageSo it’s with great surprise and elation that we receive the news from Drummer and Producer, Butch Vig, that this time the wait may not be so long. “I think we want to get going quicker. We’d like to see a record come out next year,” Vig told Billboard. The band are currently finishing up shows in the United States, with a couple to follow near the end of April, but after that, “We have a couple offers to play, but we may try to go into the studio in June and start working on another album. We’re all excited about that. We don’t really have any songs started yet, but we all have ideas for songs. I have little riffs and things floating around in my head. In the past it would be so laborious and each record would take a year, but ‘Not Your Kind of People’ took six months, so if we could get started some time in the summer and finish close to the end of the year, we could have it out in the spring or summer of next year, which would be cool.”

The trade off of a shorter promotional tour for a new album is one some Garbage fans are likely to whine about, but is well worth the it from a band who once said they thought they’d only ever make 3 albums together.

In the meantime, fans can appease themselves with a new track to be released on Record Store Day, 20th April, 2013. The track, a cover of Patti Smith’s ‘Because the Night’ that the band recorded with Screaming Females, will be released on a limited run vinyl. Though Vig is sure that there’ll be a digital release at some point in the future.