David Morrissey to be Series Regular on Season 4 of ‘The Walking Dead’

The Walking Dead - The GovernorThe Governor is one of those characters you hate to love. Not really because there’s anything at all redeemable about him, but because the actor who plays him, David Morrissey, is all kinds of awesome.

And so it is with 2 parts elation, and 2 parts horror, that I take in the news that David Morrissey will be promoted to a series regular for The Walking Dead’s fourth season.

Last we saw of The Governor during Sunday nights epic Season 3 finale, he was driving off into the sunset with two of his henchman after having murdered a fair portion of the Woodbury crew. The dream was dead, the survivors at the prison had well and truly destroyed it mostly by just existing and not fitting into The Governor’s neat little box. And so what do you do? Kill people, apparently. It wasn’t the ending most of us expected. I’m sure most would have bet good money that the episode would end with The Governor dead. Only real question was, who was going to get to do the honors?

Only, of course the writers surprised us. And David Morrissey’s character will live to see another day, and another season, apparently.