Castle S5 Ep19 – The Lives Of Others

Can you believe our little show has now been on the air for 100 episodes? Can you believe a show Nathan Fillion stars in has lasted 100 episodes?? It seems like just yesterday I was wondering whether Castle was going to take off and really be worth watching – and what do you know, it has!

Castle's angels

Much too adorable not to include in the recap.

Okay, enough reminiscing. In this, the 100th episode of the show, Castle is stuck at home with a broken kneecap that he apparently got while showing off on a ski trip with Beckett. So while Beckett is out investigating the murder of an IRS auditor who showed up bludgeoned to death in a Dumpster, Castle has to try to keep himself occupied at home. Boredom turns him to the binoculars Alexis bought him for a joke – and then he thinks he sees a neighbor across the street committing a murder. But then of course the guy has a reasonable explanation for things, and Castle doesn’t have any real proof, and Beckett doesn’t believe him.

Meanwhile, it turns out that the woman was murdered by her sleaze of a cheating husband, with help from his new girlfriend who works security at the building near where his wife was supposedly murdered. Beckett only figures this out after her awesome surprise birthday party scheme for Castle goes off without a hitch. The murderous neighbor and the whole scenario were in fact all concocted by her to give her boyfriend an interesting way to occupy his time while he’s stuck in his apartment all day. Yeah, I should’ve seen that coming.

I’ll admit that although I figured something was up, I didn’t guess that it was all faked until Castle, Ryan, & Esposito burst into the apartment to “save” Beckett from the “murderer.” Well played, show – especially considering that this episode aired on April Fools’ Day. And very in-character, too: for Beckett to have thought of it as a way to entertain Castle, for her to be able to pull it off (we’ve seen her successfully fool Castle many times), and for Castle to only be offended for the merest of seconds before deciding it’s the best birthday present ever. Hee. Also in-character for the Captain to get behind the idea as long as it meant a chance for her to yell at Castle. Double hee. (By the way, I’m still wondering when she’s going to make use of the knowledge she has about Castle & Beckett being together…)

So adorable

Best wheelchair ride ever.

And the final Castle/Beckett scene? Lovely. Throughout the whole episode, they were so sweet and natural with each other, and that stayed the same at the end. In fact, if the majority of the next one hundred episodes are of the same quality as this week’s and last week’s, I don’t think I’d mind a hundred more, either.

Did you guess the twist before it was revealed? What did you think of the ep overall? Let us know in the comments.